Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A gift from heaven!
Last night I was sitting at my computer working away with an aching throb radiating from my right heel. The only comfortable position was with my foot flat on the ground with pressure on the outside edge of my foot. Any time I lifted my foot off of the ground it felt like the plantar tendon was pulling off of the Calcaneous (heel bone). Suddenly I remembered the suffering pain from my last year of dental surgeries and the pain meds I stopped taking in case I happened to get injured. Thankfully I have a full bottle of anti-inflamatories and the effect has been impressive.

After going to bed in pain I woke up this morning and walked to the bathroom without a limp, for the first time in months and months. I had no limp and almost no pain all day today. After getting out of the pool tonight I was able to walk across the long pool deck without pain. I even ran down the hallway at work today (a reflection of how insanely busy I was!). One of my colleagues even noticed and commented on the difference between today and last Sunday.

Now comes the difficult part. After thinking I was not going to be able to run this weekend I am beginning to wonder if I can maybe get out there for a good effort. I had anticipated not running at all but with one pain free day I am seriously beginning to wonder. I have missed 5 days of running though I have been in the pool 4 of those 5 days. If I am pain free tomorrow I may go for a run on Friday after work and see how I feel on Saturday. If the foot is good then I may run, if not then no harm done. Well except for the injury...

I have often heard of runners who have spent many days injured leading into a race and then have run a personal best time for the race. Could this happen for me? I am feeling rested, although I must admit my upper body is a bit sore from weights, core and swimming. I also want to see how my legs feel. I will for sure be a bit rusty. A bit of rust at the beginning of a 1/2 marathon though may actually be an asset. I will not be able to run hard from the start but rather will have to work my way into the race as my body remembers what it is like to run fast. Oh the decision I have waiting in front of me.

I have trained very hard all year with this race as my peak. I have been running very well lately with some very quick workouts and a good run last weekend despite a lack luster effort. I want to run and I am dreaming of the possibility but I also want to be able to run in a year and in 10 years. I do not want to fuck up my foot to the point that I cannot walk or run.

Tomorrow will be the tell tale and Friday will be an easy run to gauge my foot. If I am mostly pain free on Saturday morning I may end out racing.

Thank you Novo-Ketorolac!

Happy Training!


  1. Jay, even if it feels better, it doesnt mean that its truly healed. Why even trust you will get through the race unharmed. And its a long walk back to the finish, and its not even on the bus route for the 3-7 miles, I know, Ive dropped out here before. Its only another race, there are many more to follow. You race on Sunday and fcuk it up, you may be out for the whole of the summer. I wouldnt chance it, but then Im getting older and wiser! Good luck whatever you decide. Cheers Gramps

  2. If you show up in Toronto on crutches, I will break your legs! Listen to your body, not the drugs!