Saturday, June 19, 2010

Down Time

I cannot walk.

Last night I ran the Longest Day 5 km. I did not run as well as I had wanted and I also managed to damage my heel beyond what I was anticipating. I am now on an injury timeout.

The race itself went out very fast as happened last year. I did not run hard from the gun but rather decided to work myself into the race. I ran hard through 3 km and then tried to push the pace with 2 km to go. Unfortunately I did not commit to the effort and thus wound up in 6th, one spot out of money. I was a bit disappointed after the race with my effort but I did run faster then I thought I was going to run.

Of major concern is the condition of my foot today. I cannot put any weight through my heel on the right side. I have an awkward gait where I have a weird toe/half foot hobble. Towards the end of the race a competitor fell in front of me and I had to jump to avoid going down. In the process of avoiding the fellow runner I managed to crunch my heel to further compound my injury. I cannot run today as I can barely even walk.

My heel is injured beyond anything I can run through any more. I cannot rationalize training on a foot when I cannot walk or sit without pain. This morning when I woke up and was lying in bed I postponed getting up due to the pain. I am going to take a week off running and maybe more if the pain does not resolve.

I am a bit gutted now that I am injured and cannot run. I have not been injured seriously in quite a few years. I have been very lucky to have been able to run hard for a few years with many personal bests and no serious injury. I will take the next month to rest my running body and try and get stronger for the fall.

Happy Training!


  1. Sweetie! You get rested up for Toronto. Thankfully, I will only be making you sit on patios and in beer gardens. This is terrible! You should sue that klutzy runner who fell. Most inconsiderate!

  2. Jay, make sure you get the ok be coming back. Make the most of the enforced rest. Im dissapointed in not seeing any comments here on having Gramps here in front of you at 2k, I was thinking maybe it was your heel, the one thing I didnt do was look at my watch becasue I would have got worried it was too quick, I saw you put a big effort in so dont underestimate yourself. That was a great field last night. Its the likes of u and the other guys at workputs that keep me in this game. I especially liked your atire after the race, and if I wasnt straight....!! Gramps

  3. Sorry to hear. Your previous post made me wince with pain, but you seemed indestructable :) Rest up! Saw your pic in XTRA at the fundraiser, looks like you were having fun with it. Cheers! ChristopherYVR