Monday, June 7, 2010

Dance Lessons

I am not one to back down from a challenge, but first a training update.

I had an up and down weekend of training. My track workout on Saturday had both good aspects and more challenging aspects. I was to run another 'all out' workout concentrating on speed. I was alone for this workout as I was the only runner on the track running the all out workout. There were only a few of us at the track for the workout so it almost seemed like I had a private coach, quite luxurious. I guess the best aspect of the workout was running a 2:07 800 by myself in gusting wind. I think the disappointing aspect of the workout was running a 60 second 400. I should be nailing 58 without too much concern.

My long run Sunday morning was absolutely marvelous! I had one of those long runs that never wanted to end. I could have run all day. I seemed to notice everything wonderful on my run from the wild flowers starting to bloom to the rabbits on the fields at Jericho to the wonderful terrain of Pacific Spirit Park. Initially I started the run in a great deal of pain and I was concerned I would not make it across the Burrard Street Bridge. Once my body had a chance to warm up and wake up I was good to go for slightly over 14 miles.

After flying through my apartment and having some protein and a quick snack I was off to the Vancouver Film School to rehearse a dance for 'My Big Gay Wedding'. This is a fundraiser for Vancouver Pride. As someone who has never taken a dance class besides Scottish dancing I was a bit overwhelmed. The dance takes place both on pool deck and in the pool with a bit of a synchro aspect. I am a touch concerned as I have to wear my Speedo in front a few hundred people and dance. I guess triathlon has prepared me for this as I have surely raced in just a Speedo quite a few times. The choreography itself was very 'simple'. By the time we had made it to the end of the routine I totally forgot the beginning. I am also the person in front for much of the dance so forgetting half of it is also a bit worrisome.

I am of mixed emotions about this event. Part of me feels like a total piece of objectified meat. Is this something I have written about before? What are the values of the gay community and how do you get noticed? I dare say, this will get me noticed. I can rationalize doing this event as it is a fundraiser. I can rationalize objectifying myself as I have worked fucking hard for my abs and lean, fit frame. I might as well multitask. Fast for running, hot for dancing? We will see! It ought to be good preparation for Toronto Pride too!

Happy Training!

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  1. Go for it I say! A good cause, stretching limits and limbs, what a great combo. Never walk by a door and wonder "what if I had opened it?" Experiences like this are what will add zest to life. Happy dancing training. ChristopherYVR