Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have run twice in the last week and both have been painful. I want to have a break but I also want to stop breaking.

My foot has not recovered. Plantar injuries are notoriously difficult to rehab and take a lot of rest and time non weight bearing to improve. I cannot non weight bear, it is not an option. Therefore I have decided to treat my foot with a great deal of care and begin running again. Today I ran 8 miles and everything felt good, except for my foot.

My body needs to move and exercise, it always has. As a child I can remember recess and lunch at school as times to run around the school. We had the occasional Cabbage Patch Kid wedding or Smurf gathering in the park but spent the majority of our time running. In winter we had snow ball fights, skated after school at the pond and cross country skied for hours. Adolescence was a time of slovenly activity and misdirection. Once I hit my 20s I became a real athlete. I cannot stop training, I go crazy.

I love running and moving and training. I cannot stop. Even as I plan my trip to Toronto I am trying to fit in workouts so I can still feel human. There is something about exercise and training that makes me feel clean and productive. It is like I need to sweat to actually cleanse the stress and toxins of my regular tension filled existence. Working out also gives me control over my body when I may not have much control over what is happening around me.

With this in mind I have decided to run through the pain of my foot. The emotional pain of not doing what I love is far stronger then any physical pain of training. In some ways it is the physical pain that even pushes me further and harder. As one of my first coaches would yell during track workouts "pain is weakness leaving the body".

I head to Toronto on Wednesday and I am super excited. I hope to leave a lot of my conservative/catholic tendencies behind and have an out of control, wild and crazy time. I am hoping to not be able to blog much due to the debauchery and fun. I am very excited to meet up with my gay life coach too. Our consulting and coaching has been long distance as I have been outsourcing him from Toronto. His actual hands on and in person hints and techniques are sure to be of great use. I am also excited to explore the dirt bag hipster area!

I hope they have the city cleaned up before I get there! One last comment. I really think that if the protesters were in sports and active as children then they would not be protesting. If they are out on a long run and playing in a soccer tournament then I do not think they would have time to protest or the energy to be so mean and destructive. People say that sport is pointless and leisure for the rich. If people are active and given opportunity to be involved in something other then violence then there is no violence. If people are given the opportunity to belong to something then they will not be violent. My two cents!

Happy Training!

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  1. Hey Jay,
    I hope your trip to T dot helps to breathe life back into your damaged foot. Perhaps some dancing and debauchery is exactly what you need:)