Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Update

Just Kidding. no, really, Weekend Update.

There is something about May 2-4 that signals the beginning of summer. I have had a pretty good weekend, started by a great workout.

Saturday was track day and I was excited to be on the rubber. I was looking for something like 12 times 400 as a workout. Instead we got all outs. I ran fast. I was able to run close to best times for all intervals finishing with a 90 second 600. I am still a little dumbfounded that I ran even 30 second 200s at the end of a workout and felt totally in control. I was hoping to go under 90 as I have never done that before. Maybe next time! Generally I felt really good on the track which is a total relief. I had been feeling quite sluggish over the past few weeks and it is nice to have the issue resolved.

May long weekend also signifies the opening of the outdoor pools in Vancouver. Saturday I was in the Second Beach Pool with my summer informal swimming group. I was a total baby and wore my wet suit. The swim was fun. It is great to be with a relaxed group of people in the pool. In total we swam a relaxed 2000m. We will be building on this workout into the heart of the summer. I need to get myself in shape in preparation for the fall!

Yesterday I ran my long run. In total I was able to pull out 13 miles and a bit. I felt great. It was my best long run in a long time. It felt easy and smooth. It was one of those rare long runs when I did not feel bored or overly tired. Towards the end of the run my hips and quads were starting to get a bit rattled and beat up, but they still were functional. I noticed a big difference between the feeling of running on the crushed gravel trails and soft wood chip trails to running on concrete and asphalt. I wish the Seawall was crushed gravel, so much better for the body.

I am getting back into the rhythm of training again. I am at the point of training when the rust of a break has been scraped off but the wear and tear of training has not had a chance to break me down too much. It is nice to get to the track or park and feel good after a warm up with confidence to run well. It is wonderful to have a long run go well with excitement for the next one!

Next weekend I am racing again. It will be 8km and I hope to run well. I will not have high expectations as I will be training through this race.

Off for an easy run then into the pool!

Happy Training!

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