Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today I ran a long run. In total I ran 12 miles and a bit. I actually had a great run with the destination being UBC to watch my friend compete in a triathlon.

In many ways today was a total disaster. My friend crashed his bike and had a flat and had to walk back to the start area, I got a bit of a sunburn, and worst of all, I think I want to do triathlon again. Being in the pool lately and feeling like a rock and also cycling to work on my ill fitting bike have made me want to train those elements again. If I add today's excitement to my percolating feelings I get a total desire to train my brains out.

There are many parts of my life that make me want to take up triathlon again. I will outline them in the following section.

Age: I am getting older and therefore I have to start thinking of diversifying my training and cross training more. I need to start doing some sort of aerobic low impact exercise to save my body in the off season from running. What is something low impact and aerobic? Cycling and swimming.

Employment: I am a cog in the wheel of the health care machine. I need to think at work but can conserve energy during the day. After the initial first years of burnout I am learning how to work so that I am not exhausted by my career.

Singleton: I am single and the prospects of ever finding a mate are looking more and more bleak with each passing day. The more dates I go on the more I realize what I need in a man can only be found in an athlete. People who are not involved in sport do not understand the rich experience of doing something totally pointless for the pure ability to do it well. Without the distraction of someone who cannot keep up I might as well totally devote myself to sport and work.

Gear: I want a new bike and to race in a Speedo.

Hot Bodies: Being single means I can openly gawk at all the super hot bodies at races. I want to be with those bodies!

Already today I have been looking up swim clubs with morning workouts so I can swim before work and then run with VFAC in the evenings. I am thinking of starting up in September. I broke my sunglasses today so I will pop by MEC and La Bicycletta tomorrow to check out the gear. My training schedule will be crazy but that in itself is kind of cool.

I am planning on trying the marathon again so I will not triathlon until after I run a marathon. That said, I may get on the training soon.

Oh god, what am I thinking? Tri Gay?

Happy Training!


  1. Fastlanes will be starting up again at Kits Pool. That can be a great option for early am swimming although I really struggle to get myself to the pool for 5:45.

  2. I am just back from Oliver, supporting 2 friends who were competing. I have to say it was awesome and I think I may have caught the bug :) I totally get your reasons. Cheers. ChristopherYVR