Wednesday, May 5, 2010


After watching an inspiring Vancouver Marathon I have spent a week tapering (kind of) for the Vancouver Sun Run. I am trying not to run but it is really hard.

I have blogged about tapering before. It is the time I dream of during the long hard weeks of high mileage and debilitating workouts yet when it finally arrives the only thing I want to do is run. I feel fat and lazy and I want to run.

I do not feel my legs are quite recovered yet and I still have a bit of heel pain from TC 10km. The only time I really notice it is first think in the morning when I cannot put weight through my right foot. After 20 minutes or so I am able to walk with a normal stride. Usually during a taper week I will only run an easy tempo, a fast workout and then a few strides the day before I race. This week I am running a bit more, mostly because I want to.

Today I had a wonderful easy run with my hot friend Kirsty. She is fast. Most times I cannot find a man who can keep up with me on easy days so it is a bit funny that I end out running with a girl. It is fun to have someone to run with. I love hearing about her crazy races and passing out due to the effort of racing. She is my hero. It is my dream to run myself unconscious, I just hope I pass out once I cross the finish line.

I am really excited to race this weekend as I am rounding into form. I hope I can put out a good effort. I do not really have a time goal as I have run my sub 31 for the year already. I would love to place higher than my last year effort of 12th. Top 10 would be amazing!

Tomorrow night I have my usual VFAC workout which ought to be short and sweet. I am taking Friday off and then a short run with a few easy strides on Saturday. Sunday will be go time and I can hardly wait!

Happy Training!


  1. Good luck with the race and no passing out att he finish line :) ChristopherYVR

  2. Have a great race Sunday. I'm sure you'll do great.