Thursday, May 27, 2010

Running Everywhere

I cannot see out of my right eye and my right nostril is running like a sieve.

Tonight I ran my longest workout in a long time, the double/double. This was the first time I ran this workout and thank goodness I did. After yesterday's brutal run I was wondering what tonight would hold. I felt really good during my warm-up and ready to run hard at the beginning of the workout. I knew I would have to watch my pace and ensure I stay relaxed throughout the intervals.

Unfortunately I was a bit too relaxed. I ran slow in my first interval. It was like I just could not get going. It was incredibly frustrating. I was screaming in my head to go, go, go! My body was showing no, no, no! Going into the second interval Kevin was to pace an 8:10. Thank goodness we ran 8 flat to salvage the workout, the only problem is, I had another loop to go. The end result was a 16:22 (for 3.25 miles?), slow. The consolation was the great support from my club. I wish I was able to run faster though.

During the workout I got a bug in my eye and my nose has not stopped running since I got home. Maybe I have allergies. I am feeling generally flat and somewhat pathetic and weird which makes me think. What if I am a total weirdo?

Have you seen someone doing something really weird and thought; 'wow, what a fucking weirdo, poor thing!' Was that thought followed by; 'Oh dear, what if that is me?' Does anyone ever give the weirdo the feedback that they are weird? Are they bopping through the world thinking they are actually like everyone else? What if I am the weirdo?

I know I am different and not necessarily for the obvious reasons. Gay and runner make me unique but not necessarily different. I am my own person and I definitely feel like I march to my own drummer at times. Being the weirdo in the group would answer many questions like why I am single after all these years. Although I must note that every time I meet a super fucking weird and random person I am quickly introduced to their spouse. My friends are not weird but if I was a bit off would I be able to tell? Or maybe they are taking pity on me by spending time with me. Irregardless if I am weird or not I have been feeling a bit on the off side today. My eye still burns and my nose runs like a sieve. I need a bath!

To conclude;

What a fucking day, and not in a good way!

Things I hate

Know it Alls: Everyone knows a 'know it all'. This is the type of person who will stop you in the middle of a sentence to tell you that "they know what you mean". How the fuck do you know what I mean when you are a fat asshole who has never run a day in your life? This is the person who insists on verbal diarrhea when talking about anything. This is the person who at a meeting, lunch or any other opportunity, will manage to tell you everything they know about absolutely anything relevant. This is the person who holds information as a way to exact revenge or somehow make others look bad. Know it alls also tend to have a penchant for gossip as knowing a choice piece of select information on someone trumps everything. When they get the opportunity to slander someone with the choice nugget of gossip then they are in their element. Fuck you know it all! Things I hate, know it alls!

Happy Training!

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  1. Hey Jay
    Please do not confuse "weird" with personality / conviction because you have those tons.
    Part of the extreme in your status and your drive is your essence, so no compromise, OK?
    p.s. love the "know it alls" observation.