Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Off the rails...

Whoa, today's run was a train wreck.

Have you ever gone out for a run feeling somewhat ok and then by the end felt like total dirt? Today I had one of those very rare runs.

I cannot explain why my run today felt so terrible. It was hard to get my legs off of the ground and at the 20 minute mark I felt quite nauseated. I felt like I was bonking but there was no reason to be in glycogen debt. It was a challenge to get home as I counted the bridges to go. I was relieved to round the bend of the Aquatic Centre and see home. In total I ran 6+ terrible miles. I am concerned about this run as I have had a really good weekend of training. Today I felt somewhat akin to how I was feeling leading into Sun Run. I sure hope I do not have a virus of some sort.

I happen to be a big fan of the Globe and Mail. One of the highlights of my weekend is picking up the Globe and taking a few hours (or days as the case may be) to absorb the information this broadsheet offers. This past weekend was no exception.

There was an interesting article on the continuing and potentially growing racial divide in Nova Scotia. Something in this article came to me today as I was walking annonymously home from the market. One of the authors commented on the marginalization of the Maritime Provinces since confederation. Many in the Maritimes (Myself included) believe these provinces were bypassed at the time of confederation in favor of financing infrastructure to build the economy in central Canada. Thus, the Maritimes were left as 'have not' provinces with no major industry to speak of and a population suffering under an unemployment rate upwards of 16%. This generally marginalized and powerless society looked to exact control over something and thus decided that the black population would bear the brunt of their frustration. This is not a good situation.

I got to thinking and wondering; why is it that marginalized populations seem to prey on the few who are weaker then themselves? Who are some of the nicest people to your face but some of the bitchiest behind your back? Are they a marginalized population? Are they frustrated with their position in life? Do they often have a 'why me?' mentality? What is it that makes an individual decide to be an asshole rather than a nice person?

I do not have answers to these questions. When someone is rude or a total jerk to me I often times feel sorry for them and wonder what happened in their life to make them such a miserable person. When someone feels the need to yell at me for riding my bike in a bike lane (yesterday on the Burrard Street Bridge) I wonder what parts of their life are spinning out of control to lead them to take their frustration out on me. When a marginalized population marginalizes yet another I wonder what can be done to solve this problem. I guess the answer would be to enable individuals to gain control over their lives through participating in meaningful activities and obtaining gainful employment. Wishful thinking?

Speaking of wishful thinking and train wreck, my latest dating experiment has come to an end. I was trying the iPhone Application 'grindr'. I e-chatted with several men over the course of a few months and even managed to go on a couple of gong show dates. I am yet again disappointed with the results of this experiment. At least I can take solace in trying something new in a last ditch effort at any sort of intimacy with another human being. Back to the drawing board.

Happy Training!

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