Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hay Making

The hay is in the barn, again.

The last two workouts have been a struggle as I continue to feel a bit of the effect of my effort last weekend. Thursday night's workout was the only workout that I do not really like, hills. Most workouts when I finish I think "that was my favorite workout!", not the case with hills. I still remember my first hill workout at UNB on the sliding hill by the Lady Beaverbrook Gym. I hated it. The image of all my teammates flying past me with the girls coming up close behind still haunts me. My Thursday workout was not that bad but I still did not really like it. In total I ran 5 hills and my coach John was happy with the workout. I have no idea if I was fast or slow I am just happy it is done.

Today was John's famous 'surprise' workout. After a warm-up 400 and an all out 200 we have no idea what we will be running for the rest of the workout. We are given a total mileage for the workout and that is it. In the end we ran 400, 200, 1600, 200, 800, 400, 800. The recovery varies between intervals with some intervals having very short recovery. I did not feel great on the track today. I did not have the best spring off the track and I felt a bit sluggish. Every second required a big effort. Even when doing my drills I felt a bit stuck to the track. Although I was a bit flat about my workout John was pleased. I guess that is why we have coaches!

Although I felt a bit flat and slow today this is actually a good sign. I have a pattern of alternating weeks of slow and fast running. Last week fast, this week slow, next week FAST! I have finished all the hard workouts and mileage for the Sun Run. From here on in I need to ensure I get lots of sleep and take care of my body. I will be enjoying some ibuprofen and a big bag of ice. I may even break out the booties and hit English Bay for some cold therapy. The hay is in the barn and now I have to recover to race.

I hope everyone running the BMO tomorrow has a great time and an awesome race! I will be at the side of the road and I am looking forward to seeing all my running friends!

Happy Training!

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