Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Cruise

I am starting to notice a disturbing trend. The abandonment of the cruise.

I have been meeting a few people recently through electronic means. A theme that I have noticed with these individuals is their distaste for being cruised at the gym. Gosh, I find it quite flattering to be cruised at the gym!

When I moved to Vancouver and joined a gay swim club and triathlon club I anticipated training with a big group of men my age with a few things in common. I imagined a locker room with men checking each other out and showing their interest for each other in a natural and organic way. What I have found are a group of wonderful men and women, though the sex is missing. Why have we sanitized our lives from sex in public while at the same time we are constantly bombarded by sex in our media? Why is an iPhone app more appropriate than eye contact? why are people excited that our swim club is not cruisey?

I think it is some how ironic that men will find it utterly distasteful to be cruised at the gym while at the same time have an application on their iPhone designed to pick up. Am I missing something here? I personally would much prefer to be cruised at the gym or in the showers then have to rely on a cheesy and pretty much useless iPhone app. I prefer to be turned off in the 5 seconds it takes the fat man to take off his shirt rather then the endless conversations and e-mails it takes to meet these 'That was a pic of me just a few years ago' and then get turned off. Save me the time and effort and just hit the gym with your belly and do the cruising there.

I feel there is a terrible generation gap in the gay community. There is a new breed of gay men who do not feel the need to go out in public and make eye contact. This is a generation that would rather use an app than get involved. This is a generation who at 25 have never belonged to anything other than a designer magazine subscription or maybe have front line entrance to the local gay pub. This generation never had to try and figure out if another man is gay by cruising. With increased freedom to be who we are we have lost the ability to connect. I wonder with more freedom are we going to lose even more of our ability and our aptitude to flirt?

I wonder these days if I am the only gay man who thinks it is hot when another man gets a boner in the shower. It is somehow ironic that it is more socially acceptable to be on Viagra for the inability to perform then to get a boner in a public shower. Seriously, if you can pop one without even touching it, you are on your way to first base with me! I do not feel in the majority with this opinion. My recent interactions with people would lead me to believe that getting a boner is a bad thing. I cannot think of a better way to show interest in another person then with an erect penis.

In the future I am going to continue attempting to make eye contact and flirt. I almost got a good eye contact when out for my run yesterday, but he only barely glanced my way. I have not been working as hard on the eye contact lately as I have not been down the busy streets in a while. I am also going to try and loosen up a bit at the gym. Maybe I will try some cruising and if I am feeling really adventurous I will show my potency. I am certainly not ashamed of my performance.

After work today I did not have the energy or the desire to run. The one rule I have with running is that I only train if have the drive. Today I did not want to run. Instead I had a mini nap and hit the pool for my Tuesday workout. What a difference it makes when I have not run a hard tempo immediately prior to going to the pool. I actually enjoyed being in the water tonight. The outdoor pools open on Saturday and I cannot wait!

Check out page 2 of today's Globe and Mail.

Happy Training!


  1. Jay, just catching up with your blogs, you change your mind about what you want to do more than I change my Underpants!! Even as a straight Guy your blog on the shower boners made me laugh. Just think about us poor straight guys who dont get to look at the opposite sex in the changing rooms! 1-0 to Jay and the Gays. Miss u at workout, Grandad

  2. LOL! If you think I change my mind a lot you should meet my brother!