Friday, May 21, 2010

Back in the groove

A finally ran a hard workout again.

Last night we ran 5 times 1 km. When John told me my pace times I knew I would not be able to run them. I was absolutely exhausted from a long and tiring week of work. I had not been sleeping and have been generally lethargic for the whole week. The last thing I really felt like doing was training hard. I wanted to ease my way into the workout and hope to survive.

After drills and strides I felt even less like working out. It was almost like I could not get warmed up. We began the workout and the first interval was a battle. My legs felt like sandbags. It was like my shoes were replaced with giant foam blocks. It felt awful. The second and third intervals were a bit better. I was able to get more forward on my feet and I was also able to get my feet off of the ground a bit faster. The fourth interval was a gift and I was able to hammer hard. I was pleased with this effort and I was suddenly starting to feel better. The last interval felt wonderful yet hard. When I asked my body to give me some speed it responded with an increased stride rate and a quick tap off of the crushed gravel trail. I could feel my white wife beater flapping in the wind created by my own locomotion. A glorious feeling.

By the end of the workout I was feeling like a living human again unlike the zombie that arrived at the workout. I was able to drastically descend the workout finishing in 2:53. Considering this workout has a descending recovery I think this was a great effort. The good feeling from the workout has carried over to today and I was a bundle of energy at work, until about 3 o'clock.

I am kind of excited to get onto the track tomorrow though a bit nervous. Track workouts are generally honest. There is no faking a track workout. I would like to have a good workout to start the long weekend on a good note.

I have registered for a few more races starting with the Shaughnessy 8km in just over a week. I ran this race last year and had a pretty good time. I am also planning on the Longest Day 5 km and the Scotiabank 1/2 marathon. I am feeling a bit fat at present so I will have to get myself feeling more in shape!

Happy Training!

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