Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taking Back

Today I woke up on a mission, to look cute.

I watched the film Coco Avant Chanel last night and was inspired to dress up and stroll around the city. As I slowly fell asleep last night I had visions of Brittany floating through my head. Rather then thinking about running I was lost in the world of my wardrobe trying to think of outfits that I could throw together to capture the spirit of Chanel. Before dozing off I had a vision of my new blue shorts and a blue and white stripped shirt. I was dreaming of a warm sunny day before I knew it. Today I got to wear my lovely outfit and decided to add to the look. I picked up a wonderful marked down Cardigan at Club Monaco. For the record, Club Monaco is my favorite store in the whole wide world! I love their new collection and they have an absolutely gorgeous cable knit cashmere cardigan that is so soft I thought I was going to die when I touched it. I will have to prioritize furniture over clothes but it will be hard.This morning I woke up early without an alarm much to my surprise. After my breakfast I puttered around the apartment until ready to head out for my long run. I ran 13 miles in total and it was quite nice. I was a bit tired from my workout yesterday and I could feel the hard effort in my legs. I ran out to UBC and around the endowment lands before heading back to downtown. As usual I had to constantly tell myself to slow down. I always struggle with the concept of long run and the idea of running slow. Once I turn towards home and see the glass towers of downtown rising from the sea a switch gets turned and I begin to hammer. I love running, not jogging, though I need to start moderating my effort on my Sunday mornings. I want my body to hold up for a few years so I need to take care.

Yesterday I ran my usual Saturday track workout with VFAC and my coach John. We ran 4 times 1200 with a fast 400 recovery. Basically this is a 4 mile workout. This is an intimidating workout as one must maintain concentration through out the recovery. If you 'tap out' during the recovery and run too slow then you miss the whole point of the workout. Although I dread workouts like this I actually love them. They are quick and over with fast. If I get into a good rhythm then I can shut off the brain and focus totally on splits. I ran the first interval on pace and then proceeded to descend the workout. My last interval was the fastest and felt hard and sharp. I was pleased to have run the workout well below pace time while also keeping the recovery 100% honest and if anything I ran the recovery a bit fast. It turns out that this was my fastest workout ever. I am feeling fit and like I am rounding into shape for the next few weeks of races.

I am very excited for the Times Colonist 10km. The race organizers have been wonderful thus far and I am getting invites to many different events as well as being given accommodation. I feel like a bit of a star, so much fun. My training is going really well and furthermore my mind is in the game. As I was sitting on my sofa reading in the sunshine I was thinking how much I wanted to head out for another run. It is a very good sign when on the day of a long run I want to go for another run.

This week will be a bit of a decreased volume week as I get ready to race on the Island. These are always the fun weeks when the months of training start to manifest in quick, fresh and easy runs. The only thing I really have to worry about is what I am going to wear (oh and how I am going to get there, ha ha!)

Happy Training!

Post Script: I had the most amazing chocolate eclair last night. I bought it at a french bakery on Davie Street. The light pastry shell was covered with layer upon layer of delicious rich, luxurious chocolate. Upon breaking the seal of the pastry I found my mouth filled with sweet thick custard. A custard so abundant I could not keep it from slowly sliding down my chin. The pure pleasure of this pale viscous custard filled my mouth with a sensation I have not felt in a long time. Who needs a boyfriend when you have chocolate eclairs. I am in love.

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  1. O la la! Nice outfit, Coco would be proud :)