Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Moon?

I am having a really weird day, in a wonderful way.

1. RAD! I have Reduced Activity Days at work where as a cost saving measure I take 10 days off a year. I did not think I was going to have any this year as I took a bit of time off in the winter. I checked the schedule today and I have my first RAD a week from Friday, the day before Sun Run!

2. Simon and Garfunkle! I was supposed to go to S&G tomorrow night but it was postponed. Although I am really disappointed I am not going to see these dudes I do get to run a workout instead!

3. Pie! My friends brought the most delicious blueberry pie to my place for dessert. It was from my favorite French Bakery. The crust was almost like a short bread. It was amazing!

4. Running Buddy! I went running today with my friend Sony. He was on his mountain bike and I was on my feet. My legs are still tender from my race last weekend and I have been having a significant amount of foot and ankle pain as well. I nearly fell over tonight as I was peeling potatoes when a sharp shot of pain overtook my left foot. My heel has been super sore every morning when I get up as well. Anyways, it was really fun to have a friend to run with.

5. Fat! I am feeling a bit fat. This is not wonderful but I needed to temper this post with a bit of negativity. I am not fat in a conventional sort of way but I am not as lean as I was. My appetite came back over the past few weeks and I now feel like I need to watch my diet again. I am not training as much as I was in preparation for race time so I need to be careful!

6. Apartment! I love my apartment, my view, my decorating and everything! I love when new people walk into my apartment and see it for the first time. The reaction is priceless!

7. Sun Run! I am so excited I think I am going to poop my pants. I just hope my feet hold up!

Happy Training!

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