Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am exhausted.

Every once and a while I realize what I try to do in a day and I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I also wonder where the hell I get all this energy. I feel like I am a spinning top in need of a good crash. The crash is not allowed to happen any time soon.

Today was yet another challenging and rewarding day at work although full time work takes a great deal of energy. After getting home as fast as possible I did some paint stripping in my bathroom (who ever lived here before me had the taste of a bat) then headed off to my workout in Stanley Park. Tonight we ran 1km, 2km, 2km, 1km.

I ran a satisfactory workout. I had to work hard tonight for every second and not one interval came easy. They were all on the hard side and I did not feel fresh or light at any point. Of all the intervals the second 2 km effort was the best. I ran a bit slower then I wanted too but I think I tapped out mentally rather then anything else. The last km piece was an effort and I had to work hard to finish on an upswing. Thankfully I ran my last effort as my fastest interval, 2:48 I think. I do not know why I was so tired and lethargic tonight. I had hoped to taper a bit for the race this weekend but it seems like that is not going to happen.

After getting home as fast as possible I quickly ate a bite of food then lugged 300 registration packages to the pool for the BC Provincial Masters Swim Meet this weekend. My club is hosting and I am volunteering. I think I may have done 20 or 30 squats with weight trying to carry the dozen or so boxes into the Aquatic Centre. This is not the best idea in preparation for a race and after a hard workout. At present I can report my legs and feet are throbbing.

When I get this tired and busy I tend to get more bitter and easily angered. Little things become annoying quite rapidly thus I have a few things I would like to add to...

Things I Hate

People on Grindr who are in Relationships: What the fuck? Really? As a forced bachelor I hate you. I have a theory about you assholes. I am going to assume that you are unhappy in your current relationship yet utterly dependent on others for your own happiness. Your own self worth is measured by your ability to have a boyfriend. While you are in a pathetic excuse for a relationship you throw your line out there to see what better you can find. You are pathetic. If you want a threesome great. If you are "happily partnered and looking for a buddy" go fuck yourself!

Gays: They are just annoying.

Xtra West: I have gone a while without picking up this useless piece of cliche shit. I hate every part of this rag. If I want to feel like I do not belong to the gay world then I simply have to pick up an Xtra West and have a good read. Once and a while I am afraid I am missing something in a gay world while out doing my athletics in the straight world. Nope, the gay world sucks, at least as presented in Xtra West. Today's hard hitting report was on the Roxy Porn theater losing it's license to show movies. How is this reflective of my community? Xtra West makes me not want to be gay. Please inform, does being gay mean that I have a vested interest in porn theaters operating? Does closing a porn theater have anything to do with being gay in Vancouver? Am I supposed to be going to porn theaters because I am gay? Oh my word! That is it. I am single because all the gays are at the porn theaters! Gosh, thanks Xtra West! I finally figured it out. To be in a relationship when gay one has to go to porn theaters, fuck randoms all the time and party, party, party! I guess I will not have a boyfriend. Fuck you Xtra West!

I need a sunset to calm me down, let me turn around.

Happy Training!

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