Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blank Slate

I now have a new blank slate from which to work.

I moved into my new place on the beach on Thursday and I can report both excitement and a few pains. Today I got my internet hooked up so I am totally up and running, so to speak. I really hope this place works out well as moving is a total nightmare!I love my new place. It already feels like I belong here although the physical environment continues to be reminiscent of the remainder of a trailer park after a particularly powerful cyclone. Of course there are a few issues here and there as there are in any old building but I feel they add more character. Besides, a problem is only something that needs to be solved. These photos are all the before photos. The view is crazy!

The move has had an impact on my training. Three days of heavy lifting and repetitive movements have left my lower back aching and very sensitive. I swear I am a demon for punishment. To cap off a few days of stress and strain I bought a rug and 2 lamps today and decided to carry all of it home. Ten blocks later my body was aching and I was totally exhausted. Of course I have so much work to do in my apartment to get it livable that I have not really had a good rest. Today after sanding and priming all day I went for my run. I made it 10 steps before I had to stop due to severe lower back pain. The pain was shooting in my sacral region but not shooting down my legs. I thought I should at least try to warm up my body and then maybe the kinks would be worked out and the pain would get better.

The pain got tolerable. Over the course of 10 miles my lower back relaxed as my whole body started to relax. As I was able to ease into my stride the pain became less of a focus and I was able to enjoy myself. There was the occasional stride when I would tense or twist with a resulting shock of pain but generally things worked out in the end. I guess no more treks with a rug on my shoulder.

I believe just as my new apartment is a blank slate for me to create a home my life is much like a blank slate. I am back to working as a float full time so every couple of weeks I will have a new place to work with new people to meet, new diagnoses to learn and new challenges to solve. I am not dating nor have I the opportunity to date anyone so again another blank slate. I guess running is the one area where I have a bit of a ground work to build on. Although, with a new season of opportunities ahead of me and a fun series of spring races, I have a blank slate of opportunities to run fast and have some adventures. Even being in a different location in the city brings with it trips to new stores, new neighbors, new bus route and many opportunities to build on the blank relationship slate. Who knows, I may have already met my future husband without even realizing.

I sincerely hope one aspect of my life becomes more consistent and that is my training. I want to get a bit more focused although 'balance' is good (thanks Paul...). My new location will add a bit to my warm up and cool down and offer a different starting point for my runs. This change is actually surprisingly significant. I found my runs from here quite refreshing and I am closer to UBC so on my next long run I will be able to hit the trails for a longer run. Next week I will not be moving anything and I have no plans other then training and painting!

Happy Training!


  1. SHRIEK!

    What a fantastic view! How lovely! And your chairs will be excellent as well once you are finished. Just take care of your poor little body though. Congrats on your new blank slate - an exciting time in your life to be sure!

  2. All the best in your new place. You will have a front row seat for the fireworks this summer, without leaving home! ChristopherYVR