Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Moon?

I am having a really weird day, in a wonderful way.

1. RAD! I have Reduced Activity Days at work where as a cost saving measure I take 10 days off a year. I did not think I was going to have any this year as I took a bit of time off in the winter. I checked the schedule today and I have my first RAD a week from Friday, the day before Sun Run!

2. Simon and Garfunkle! I was supposed to go to S&G tomorrow night but it was postponed. Although I am really disappointed I am not going to see these dudes I do get to run a workout instead!

3. Pie! My friends brought the most delicious blueberry pie to my place for dessert. It was from my favorite French Bakery. The crust was almost like a short bread. It was amazing!

4. Running Buddy! I went running today with my friend Sony. He was on his mountain bike and I was on my feet. My legs are still tender from my race last weekend and I have been having a significant amount of foot and ankle pain as well. I nearly fell over tonight as I was peeling potatoes when a sharp shot of pain overtook my left foot. My heel has been super sore every morning when I get up as well. Anyways, it was really fun to have a friend to run with.

5. Fat! I am feeling a bit fat. This is not wonderful but I needed to temper this post with a bit of negativity. I am not fat in a conventional sort of way but I am not as lean as I was. My appetite came back over the past few weeks and I now feel like I need to watch my diet again. I am not training as much as I was in preparation for race time so I need to be careful!

6. Apartment! I love my apartment, my view, my decorating and everything! I love when new people walk into my apartment and see it for the first time. The reaction is priceless!

7. Sun Run! I am so excited I think I am going to poop my pants. I just hope my feet hold up!

Happy Training!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Times Colonist 10 km

I love racing!

This weekend I made a voyage to Victoria to race 10 km on the roads. The field was tough and there was a lot of talent to compete with. The pace was fast and hard and I am happy to report I am pleased with my run.

After spending a day strolling around the city I woke up this morning a bit early, ready to run. After my coffee and bagel I made my way to the start line. Within the first block of running I knew I was going to have a good day. My legs felt great and the attitude was golden. As I finished my warm up and hit the start line I gazed across the line to see who all was in this race. Basically 15 of the top 20 runners in BC as well as a few peeps like Simon Whitfield. Going into the race, based on last year's results, I was hoping for a top 5 finish. After looking at the start line I was hoping for a top 15.

The start went out exactly how I wanted. The first km went by in 3:07 and felt quite easy. I positioned myself at the back of the second group as we began the long trek out to the turn around point. There was a considerable wind so I thought I would just fall in behind, turn off my brain and run. The pack was led by Colin Fewer from Newfoundland and he did a wonderful job of holding the pace into the wind. Of course coming from Newfoundland he did not think this was wind at all. We continued rolling along at 3:05/3:03 km pace for the next 4 km. Through the first 6 km I can honestly say I felt like I was in a tempo run. It felt calm and easy and the leaders of the group did a wonderful job of staying even and setting the pace. We went through 5 km on 15:27. At this point I was a bit concerned we would end out a bit slow.

The second 5 km were very effortful. The pace picked up at 5 km and we began to test each other. By the time 6 km came around I hit a bit of a bad patch and first contemplated dropping out the race. I always think it is amazing the voices that go through my head when racing. I got my mind back in the game and made a bit of a surge to get to the front of the pack and push the pace. I could see Steve Osaduik up ahead and it looked like he was going to come back to us. This is a scalp I would love to have. I was starting to struggle a bit at this point and with 2 km to go I fell back a bit as the group put in a bit of a surge. As with most races that go well I cannot remember the last mile of the race very well. It hurt a lot, I did not fight as hard as I am capable of but I almost ran myself unconscious. I do remember thinking that 1600 meters is just over 4 minutes, I remember thinking 1 km is 3 minutes of pain and the last thing I remember about the race is seeing the clock and seeing 30:35...

I crossed the line in 30:49, a new best time! I am super happy with my run. I was 11th overall which I am a bit disappointed with. I had the opportunity to run down a few guys in the last 500 meters but I did not have the fire to catch those athletes. The difference would have been a few seconds but also a cheque to come home with. All in all I am very happy with a new personal best. Sub 31 minutes was not a fluke!

Looking forward I am really excited for Sunrun. I knew I was going to run well today and this effort sets me up well for the event of the year (even better then Gay Pride!). I have more to give and am super motivated to get some quick hard workouts in over the next two weeks. I want scalps at Sunrun and I am fired up to get them!

I had a great time today at the race. I love racing and I love running. In many ways it feels like I am home when I am at a race. Within the corps of runners in BC I have many friends and acquaintances who are a lot of fun to catch up with at races. The hugs are flowing and the conversation energetic and exciting. All the talk is of running and finding out about California Races and training times and a few details about life. The world of the elite runner is a place based on achievement and success. Individuals are valued for being successful and trying hard. You need to be good to be invited into the club and that is something rare these days. Sometimes I feel that when I am in the running world I can be who I really am. I am a type A over achiever and I do not have to knock myself down to a lower level to feel like I belong when within the runner's realm. Every once and a while when I have not raced for a while I forget how much I enjoy the world of the athlete. I am happy to be back!

Happy Training!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am exhausted.

Every once and a while I realize what I try to do in a day and I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I also wonder where the hell I get all this energy. I feel like I am a spinning top in need of a good crash. The crash is not allowed to happen any time soon.

Today was yet another challenging and rewarding day at work although full time work takes a great deal of energy. After getting home as fast as possible I did some paint stripping in my bathroom (who ever lived here before me had the taste of a bat) then headed off to my workout in Stanley Park. Tonight we ran 1km, 2km, 2km, 1km.

I ran a satisfactory workout. I had to work hard tonight for every second and not one interval came easy. They were all on the hard side and I did not feel fresh or light at any point. Of all the intervals the second 2 km effort was the best. I ran a bit slower then I wanted too but I think I tapped out mentally rather then anything else. The last km piece was an effort and I had to work hard to finish on an upswing. Thankfully I ran my last effort as my fastest interval, 2:48 I think. I do not know why I was so tired and lethargic tonight. I had hoped to taper a bit for the race this weekend but it seems like that is not going to happen.

After getting home as fast as possible I quickly ate a bite of food then lugged 300 registration packages to the pool for the BC Provincial Masters Swim Meet this weekend. My club is hosting and I am volunteering. I think I may have done 20 or 30 squats with weight trying to carry the dozen or so boxes into the Aquatic Centre. This is not the best idea in preparation for a race and after a hard workout. At present I can report my legs and feet are throbbing.

When I get this tired and busy I tend to get more bitter and easily angered. Little things become annoying quite rapidly thus I have a few things I would like to add to...

Things I Hate

People on Grindr who are in Relationships: What the fuck? Really? As a forced bachelor I hate you. I have a theory about you assholes. I am going to assume that you are unhappy in your current relationship yet utterly dependent on others for your own happiness. Your own self worth is measured by your ability to have a boyfriend. While you are in a pathetic excuse for a relationship you throw your line out there to see what better you can find. You are pathetic. If you want a threesome great. If you are "happily partnered and looking for a buddy" go fuck yourself!

Gays: They are just annoying.

Xtra West: I have gone a while without picking up this useless piece of cliche shit. I hate every part of this rag. If I want to feel like I do not belong to the gay world then I simply have to pick up an Xtra West and have a good read. Once and a while I am afraid I am missing something in a gay world while out doing my athletics in the straight world. Nope, the gay world sucks, at least as presented in Xtra West. Today's hard hitting report was on the Roxy Porn theater losing it's license to show movies. How is this reflective of my community? Xtra West makes me not want to be gay. Please inform, does being gay mean that I have a vested interest in porn theaters operating? Does closing a porn theater have anything to do with being gay in Vancouver? Am I supposed to be going to porn theaters because I am gay? Oh my word! That is it. I am single because all the gays are at the porn theaters! Gosh, thanks Xtra West! I finally figured it out. To be in a relationship when gay one has to go to porn theaters, fuck randoms all the time and party, party, party! I guess I will not have a boyfriend. Fuck you Xtra West!

I need a sunset to calm me down, let me turn around.

Happy Training!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taking Back

Today I woke up on a mission, to look cute.

I watched the film Coco Avant Chanel last night and was inspired to dress up and stroll around the city. As I slowly fell asleep last night I had visions of Brittany floating through my head. Rather then thinking about running I was lost in the world of my wardrobe trying to think of outfits that I could throw together to capture the spirit of Chanel. Before dozing off I had a vision of my new blue shorts and a blue and white stripped shirt. I was dreaming of a warm sunny day before I knew it. Today I got to wear my lovely outfit and decided to add to the look. I picked up a wonderful marked down Cardigan at Club Monaco. For the record, Club Monaco is my favorite store in the whole wide world! I love their new collection and they have an absolutely gorgeous cable knit cashmere cardigan that is so soft I thought I was going to die when I touched it. I will have to prioritize furniture over clothes but it will be hard.This morning I woke up early without an alarm much to my surprise. After my breakfast I puttered around the apartment until ready to head out for my long run. I ran 13 miles in total and it was quite nice. I was a bit tired from my workout yesterday and I could feel the hard effort in my legs. I ran out to UBC and around the endowment lands before heading back to downtown. As usual I had to constantly tell myself to slow down. I always struggle with the concept of long run and the idea of running slow. Once I turn towards home and see the glass towers of downtown rising from the sea a switch gets turned and I begin to hammer. I love running, not jogging, though I need to start moderating my effort on my Sunday mornings. I want my body to hold up for a few years so I need to take care.

Yesterday I ran my usual Saturday track workout with VFAC and my coach John. We ran 4 times 1200 with a fast 400 recovery. Basically this is a 4 mile workout. This is an intimidating workout as one must maintain concentration through out the recovery. If you 'tap out' during the recovery and run too slow then you miss the whole point of the workout. Although I dread workouts like this I actually love them. They are quick and over with fast. If I get into a good rhythm then I can shut off the brain and focus totally on splits. I ran the first interval on pace and then proceeded to descend the workout. My last interval was the fastest and felt hard and sharp. I was pleased to have run the workout well below pace time while also keeping the recovery 100% honest and if anything I ran the recovery a bit fast. It turns out that this was my fastest workout ever. I am feeling fit and like I am rounding into shape for the next few weeks of races.

I am very excited for the Times Colonist 10km. The race organizers have been wonderful thus far and I am getting invites to many different events as well as being given accommodation. I feel like a bit of a star, so much fun. My training is going really well and furthermore my mind is in the game. As I was sitting on my sofa reading in the sunshine I was thinking how much I wanted to head out for another run. It is a very good sign when on the day of a long run I want to go for another run.

This week will be a bit of a decreased volume week as I get ready to race on the Island. These are always the fun weeks when the months of training start to manifest in quick, fresh and easy runs. The only thing I really have to worry about is what I am going to wear (oh and how I am going to get there, ha ha!)

Happy Training!

Post Script: I had the most amazing chocolate eclair last night. I bought it at a french bakery on Davie Street. The light pastry shell was covered with layer upon layer of delicious rich, luxurious chocolate. Upon breaking the seal of the pastry I found my mouth filled with sweet thick custard. A custard so abundant I could not keep it from slowly sliding down my chin. The pure pleasure of this pale viscous custard filled my mouth with a sensation I have not felt in a long time. Who needs a boyfriend when you have chocolate eclairs. I am in love.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Letting Go

There comes a time in everyone's life when they need to let go.

I have had a lot of these opportunities in my life, if one can call them opportunities. Whether it has been a bad workout, bad race, bad grade on an exam, terrible patient, or date gone wrong I have had to learn to move on and let go of the emotion tied to the negative event. Losing a parent young taught me at an early age to let go of even the most devastating of emotions. Something I have noticed through my career is a tendency for individuals to become more adept at letting go of certain things as they get older. Grudges fall by the way side, personal boundaries become blurred and people surely let go of their looks. I feel like I am starting to age.

I believe letting go is a skill and if honed can lead to improved mental health. I believe part of getting to be a better runner is learning to let go of a bad workout or race and learning from what may have went wrong. There is no point in stewing over a negative result. I also see the ugly results of letting go, literally.

I have started letting go of my looks. I do not use hair product nor have I been shaving, not even my legs. Today at work I wore an old pair of corduroys and a short sleeve button up shirt and looked something akin to a homeless person. On my run today I wore a wife beater and spandex shorts with orange socks. Not attractive. I have not given up but I think I have given in a bit. I will not be wearing any sweat pants to go to the store nor will I ever get fat, I love my 6 pack. Maybe I just do not care as much as I used to, a good thing? I wish I was trying to be better on the inside but that would be a lie. If anything I want to become more of a jerk.

I often realize how running has impacted my life. Letting go of terrible races or workouts gave me practice to learn to heal from other life miseries. The ability to rebound more efficiently has served me well, especially in the dating world. No matter how terrible the date or the very brief relationship I always manage to find some way to put myself out there and try again. With dating I almost feel like I have let go of the illusion of romantic love or the societal demand to only be whole as two people in love. Gone is the delusion that some day a man will trot along and sweep me off my feet. I have let go of the delusion.

Last night I did not have to work on letting go of a bad workout. I had a spirited run with VFAC in Stanley Park. Our workout was 3km, 2km, 2km. I worked hard on each interval, especially the second. The extra effort on the second effort took a bit of zip out of my legs and I felt a bit of lactate overload as I finished the workout. I was pleased overall with my workout and I look forward to tomorrow's track workout.

I have my first before, during and after photos. This chair was purchased at the Salvation Army for $7. The Fabric was $2.99 a metre. All in all I am very pleased with the outcome and I have enough of the fabric to make a few pillows. Mission accomplished with the chair!

Happy Training!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What do you believe in?

Do you believe in Fate? Do you believe in destiny? What do you believe in?

I went to a thought provoking play tonight at the Cultch, here in Vancouver. If you get the chance ensure you drop by and check it out. It was called Kismet-One to One Hundred. To summarize the play was an adaptation of a series of interviews of people from the ages of 1 to 100 about different life questions culminating with "What do you believe in?" Check out the recruitment video.

The actors/authors of the play managed to amass an eclectic group of participants and used multimedia to relate their stories. The play was a non-fiction display of creativity and unconventional story telling. And each of the stories was riveting. In our current time with technology reducing our attention span to mere seconds this play exploited this phenomena and provided a method of providing lived experiences without boredom or staid restraint. It is rare that I see a work that really makes me think about life and the directions we take. This play accomplished this task.

When the question was posed, "what do you believe in?", I started thinking. As I listened and watched the responses I thought of how I would respond. At first I thought, I don't know what I believe in. Then, I believe in I can do anything, I believe in me. Then there was a response in the play where one of the actors said something along the lines of 'If you only believe in yourself then you have nothing, or your life sucks' (huge paraphrase, this is the message I heard). Ouch. I thought some more. What do I believe in?

I believe in everything. I believe we are surrounded by beauty but there are only a few of us who actually take the time to notice it. I believe in the power of individuals to work together to make change. I believe in fate. I believe in love.

I also believe in running. Yesterday I ran my tempo and it was good. I felt surprisingly strong although I felt in slow motion during my warm up. I think this is a consequence of cycling home from work. I ran 45 minutes at tempo pace. I constantly have to slow myself down when I am running a tempo. I have a tendency to get a bit excited and then push my pace towards slow interval pace. This is not the point of a tempo and I have to continue to remind myself of this. I need to stay relaxed during my runs and this has become my new goal for tempo. Controlled yet relaxed. Today I hit the gym for some weights and core. Tomorrow I am excited to hit Stanley for an interval workout.

Happy Training!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Week Gone By

Holy cow! I have had a good week since my melancholy Tuesday last.

I will spare most of the details only to report that training is back on track with two great workouts and a nice long run on Sunday. I also can report that I love my new place and I hope to have a first slate of 'before and after' photos soon. I just need to reupholster my chairs and they are almost finito. They could use another coat of paint but I am a bit tired of painting chairs at the moment so I will wait a bit.

There are aspects of living in a new environment that offer both opportunity and make some realities apparent. I am enjoying my new commute to work and my closeness to the 'gay village' (even though I rarely get checked out or even have someone make eye contact with me). I like the energy of my new place and the reaction I am getting when people pop in for a visit. The view is truly breathtaking. I am also enjoying the new starting point for my runs. I get a bit extra mileage on my workout days and I also have a new starting point for my tempo.

One reality that has become apparent though is my love of being alone. I have always had a bit of a tendency to spend a lot of time alone. I am not a person who is afraid of being with their own thoughts and I think this personality trait is what leads me to be a proficient runner. I am very comfortable spending the weekend holed up in my apartment painting and reading (I finally finished War and Peace and bought two new books today!) and relaxing. I do not feel the need to always be surrounded by people or out and about. This might become a problem.

The thing is; although I do not necessarily believe I will ever fall in love I still wanted to fall in love. Initially, moving into my new apartment, I was thinking how much I wanted to share this place with a special love. Last night, after a nice dinner with some friends, I enjoyed a glass of wine and finished my Globe and Mail. At one point I realized that I was perfectly content being alone, cozy on my sofa without any obligations or anyone to distract me. If I am this comfortable in my own place will I ever have the opportunity to meet someone or further put myself in a position to meet a love?

For the time being I am going to enjoy my solitude and relish basking in my view. I feel a bit monastic but I think this is good. I have always maintained that it is important for me to do what makes me happy and whatever happens, happens. I am going to run for fun (of course winning is the most fun!) and get some good weekend sleeps. I may not meet the man of my dreams but I do not need a man to make me happy. I already am.

Happy Training!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tempo Tuesday

Once and a while I have a bad day. Today, upon reflection, would qualify as one of those days.

My morning at work was a nightmare, I have a temporary crown that looks like I have a chunk of gross plastic where my tooth should be and for some reason I am feeling a bit down about my chronic bachelor status. When I hit the Seawall for my tempo run I was tight and very frustrated. I ruminated for the first 10 minutes of my warm up before realizing that I was wound as tight as a drum. I took a couple of big inhales and relaxed into my stride.

The tempo itself was for the most part unremarkable. I feel totally healthy for the first time in 6 or 7 weeks, except for my 'moving' back. I guess the good thing about my frustration was that I did not think much about running as I was too distracted by everything else going on in my life. The last 15 minutes of the tempo were free of ruminating thoughts and I was able to focus on my stride and staying strong and quick. I had to repeatedly convince myself to relax my traps and shoulders in the last section as I could continually find my shoulders getting close to my ears. By the time I got home from my run I was feeling a bit better after the frustration of my day.

For some reason I have been thinking about my singleton status today. It has been a while since I have thought about having a boyfriend. Let me rephrase. It has been a while since I have lamented having a boyfriend. When I realized back in the fall that I belong in the lower part of the bell curve of those who may never fall in love or ever have a boyfriend I was disappointed and mourned the loss of the dream. It took a while but I got over the regret and began 2010 with a new attitude and a positive outlook. I still have this outlook and I have a lot of excitement in the next few months. The thing is, I still do not have anyone to share this excitement with.

As the months go by and I move forward as a confirmed bachelor I feel a distance growing between me and the romantic world. I used to feel a sense of jealousy or anger at those who blatantly showed their love and affection for each other. Now I do not care. I think it is tacky but that is more of a class thing. I almost feel that I am repulsing men at this point or that there is some sort of boyfriend repellent on me, possibly some sort of man deet. It is entirely exhausting to have expectations dashed repeatedly and for a while I was doing well with it. Now I am starting to feel a bit like garbage not even worth the trip to the thrift store or the click of the mouse. I am so far removed from the romantic world that I am afraid the stench of the garbage must ruin every opportunity for romance anyways. I guess in the end, knowing or understanding the possibility of never having a boyfriend or falling in love does not make one not long for that reality sometimes.

I am practical though. If I am not going to fall in love then I might as well fall into a fiscally beneficial relationship with a gay man who is not overly disgusting. What I am suggesting is finding someone who has a bit of money who is into financing some training camps somewhere warm. Think of the money I would save and the fast times I would run. I guess one could call it a type of sponsorship. Of course there will be a direct relationship between level of grossness and income. As the grossness level climbs the income needs to climb too. Age may be a confounding variable. Rich, old and gross may be difficult. Rich, old, gross and terminally ill may be a jackpot. If I am not going to be happily in love then it ought to be my mission to make my dying husband's last days the most glorious he has ever known. May he walk towards the light in my arms. Ka Ching!

Tomorrow easy run and a trip to the gym. Gotta continue to work on the bait! In the meantime I start taking applications for rich husbands. You know the address.

Happy Training!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blank Slate

I now have a new blank slate from which to work.

I moved into my new place on the beach on Thursday and I can report both excitement and a few pains. Today I got my internet hooked up so I am totally up and running, so to speak. I really hope this place works out well as moving is a total nightmare!I love my new place. It already feels like I belong here although the physical environment continues to be reminiscent of the remainder of a trailer park after a particularly powerful cyclone. Of course there are a few issues here and there as there are in any old building but I feel they add more character. Besides, a problem is only something that needs to be solved. These photos are all the before photos. The view is crazy!

The move has had an impact on my training. Three days of heavy lifting and repetitive movements have left my lower back aching and very sensitive. I swear I am a demon for punishment. To cap off a few days of stress and strain I bought a rug and 2 lamps today and decided to carry all of it home. Ten blocks later my body was aching and I was totally exhausted. Of course I have so much work to do in my apartment to get it livable that I have not really had a good rest. Today after sanding and priming all day I went for my run. I made it 10 steps before I had to stop due to severe lower back pain. The pain was shooting in my sacral region but not shooting down my legs. I thought I should at least try to warm up my body and then maybe the kinks would be worked out and the pain would get better.

The pain got tolerable. Over the course of 10 miles my lower back relaxed as my whole body started to relax. As I was able to ease into my stride the pain became less of a focus and I was able to enjoy myself. There was the occasional stride when I would tense or twist with a resulting shock of pain but generally things worked out in the end. I guess no more treks with a rug on my shoulder.

I believe just as my new apartment is a blank slate for me to create a home my life is much like a blank slate. I am back to working as a float full time so every couple of weeks I will have a new place to work with new people to meet, new diagnoses to learn and new challenges to solve. I am not dating nor have I the opportunity to date anyone so again another blank slate. I guess running is the one area where I have a bit of a ground work to build on. Although, with a new season of opportunities ahead of me and a fun series of spring races, I have a blank slate of opportunities to run fast and have some adventures. Even being in a different location in the city brings with it trips to new stores, new neighbors, new bus route and many opportunities to build on the blank relationship slate. Who knows, I may have already met my future husband without even realizing.

I sincerely hope one aspect of my life becomes more consistent and that is my training. I want to get a bit more focused although 'balance' is good (thanks Paul...). My new location will add a bit to my warm up and cool down and offer a different starting point for my runs. This change is actually surprisingly significant. I found my runs from here quite refreshing and I am closer to UBC so on my next long run I will be able to hit the trails for a longer run. Next week I will not be moving anything and I have no plans other then training and painting!

Happy Training!

Friday, April 2, 2010


I learned a lesson last night. My body needs fuel.

Yesterday was a crazy day as I worked the morning, moved in the afternoon and then ran a tough workout. Through all my crazy busyness I forgot to eat anything substantial and thus found myself at workout both exhausted and starving. I was seeing stars before the workout even started so I was less then enthusiastic to run a 5km interval followed by a 2.5 km interval.

I ran approximately 10 seconds over pace time for the first interval. Considering how I felt over a long interval I was not disappointed. I did not feel bad per se not did I feel like I was running slow. I felt like I was running as fast as I could and not moving as fast as usual. I could not get my heart rate up and my cardiovascular system could not rev up to support my starving muscles. I was having a bit of trouble staying on my feet after the interval with nausea and dizziness. After a nice recovery I was relieved to start the second interval. Half way through the interval I was pushing as hard as I could. I started to panic a bit as I began to worry about having enough energy to make it home. I do not think I have ever been in the middle of a workout/interval with panic about being able to make it home later in day. I thought about dropping out but then I realized dropping out would add more time to my run so I kept running as hard as I could to finish the workout. It turns out I ran below pace time for my last effort which was a bit of a surprise.

I was so tired at this workout I thought I was going to puke then pass out in the woods. The thing is, I used to feel like this at every workout in university. No wonder I could not manage to improve. There are a lot of factors that have influenced my improvement over the past couple of years. I believe getting my diet under control is a huge aspect. Not only am I currently eating more then the average man but I am also way leaner. It is awesome.

Today's blog photos are courtesy of Rick Horne. They are from the race last weekend. I think it is hilarious that I get more elevation with my running stride then I do when I actually try to jump. These are also the first photos where I have noticed a bit of biceps. The gym is starting to pay off!

Happy Easter! A great long weekend for some...

...Happy Training!