Sunday, March 7, 2010

Silver Lining

I am sick.

I did not race today much to my disappointment. I was fit, I am running fast and I believe I could have run really well today had I been healthy. My knee is almost totally pain free but I now have a really good chest cold which maybe bordering on bronchitis. I started coughing up green sputum yesterday which may be a sign of a bacterial infection. I coughed through the night last night and at 12:30 decided that racing today was not a good idea. I want to get healthy not more sick.

I did go for a short run to watch the race this morning which made me confident in my decision not to run. It was difficult to get a deep breath although my body felt good. By the time I got home though my body was starting to protest a bit. It is mostly my upper body that is sore as I am sore from coughing. I guess the silver lining in getting sick is that my body has had a chance to heal. The bad news is that I feel like I am losing most of my hard won fitness. Once my cold gets better I think I will be starting from scratch. I will bump up the training quickly once better and hope I do not injure myself.

Now time for a relaxing hot bath!

Sunday: 5 miles

Happy Training!

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