Thursday, March 4, 2010

Say what you mean...

I just came across this article on MSN. I am a person who tries to be honest. I am a man and as such I am not a mind reader. Instead of trying to figure out if he and or she is "that into you" what is wrong with asking? Why are we supposed to have an innate ability to know what the other person is thinking by underhanded and passive aggressive communication? This article puts blame on men for not being able to read the signs of being dumped. If we are going to place blame in this equation I think it is the women who expect mind reading in a partner who get the blame. Seriously girls, a little piece of advice. If you want your man to do something, go somewhere or just plan fuck off, tell him. Men are stund and women are crazy. Thank god I am gay!

Off to the track!

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