Sunday, March 14, 2010

Opens A Window

Mother Superior was so wise.

After the derailment of training caused by injury then illness I have had some time to relax, recover and have some fun. With extra energy I have been investigating new opportunities and changing things up a bit. I am disappointed my early season fitness and incredible strength have been greatly diminished but I am happy. I am really happy.

I was talking with a fellow blogger one day about the motivation to write and the quality of the posts we make. I often feel the need to write when things are not going my way or when I am down. It is the therapeutic nature of blogging that I find the most motivating. When I am feeling good and engaging in meaningful activities I do not feel the urge nor do I have the time to write. I also do not feel a happy story is as endearing as a struggle and often think my wonderful stories of how everything is peachy keen is boring and even more self indulgent then the usual blog post. However this is my blog so I will write what I want. Today I am happy and so it is a happy blog.

After being sick all week with very little running and half a workout in the pouring rain on Thursday night I was ready for a good weekend with a perfusion of activity. Friday night I attended FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery with a new friend of mine. It was great to look at some art and some of the more avant garde performances. I cannot tell a lie, I did not get some of it. I had no idea what the point was of some of the art work but I still enjoyed the mystery of what the motivation of the artist was. There is always a point to a race, to finish first. It is nice to see something once in a while that really has no point. There is an exhibit of daVinci anatomical drawings that blew my mind. Coming from a science and health background I have spent many many hours studying anatomy. Most of the anatomy texts I studied did not have the complexity of what daVinci drew. It was breathtaking to see the actual sketches on the actual paper completed by the man.

After my workout on Thursday I decided not to run on Saturday to let my body recover. Upon waking after a luxurious sleep-in I got a phone call from a friend to go skate skiing at Cypress. I jumped at the chance to ski and quickly threw my gear together. The snow was amazing and my skiing was proficient for my first foray of the season. I felt my hours of core work and time in the gym in my skiing. I was better able to one ski and when I became off balance my core was able to pull myself back over the base of my ski to maintain my balance. My skis have amazing glide as well. I finished my Saturday with drinks at the Sylvia and Alice in Wonderland.

Today I returned to long run Sunday after another sleep-in. I ran 13 miles and felt like I was floating the whole way. I still have a productive cough and a few times had a bit of a coughing fit but generally I felt really good. My injury feels almost 100% healed (although I could feel a bit of tenderness at one point) and overall my body feels good. I am a bit worried I have lost a bit of weight as I have gotten a few comments lately, but as this is my only concern it is a very good one to have.

I have a lot of change happening in my life at the moment and over the next few weeks. I have been feeling a bit unsettled and craving a bit of change. I have met an interesting chap, identified a change of habitation that could be very rewarding and have an idea of changing my racing plan for the spring. Today's long run is a welcome addition to my otherwise glorious weekend and makes me even more happy to know that I have somehow been able to maintain some sort of fitness while also living a very busy social life. With all these changes and a refreshed hope and optimism I am thinking I am going to be making many more opportunities to be a social butterfly. If I have been in a bit of a self imposed social cocoon it may be my time to come flying out.

Happy Training!

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