Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting Better

I ran a tempo yesterday and had a good 5 miles today.

Yesterday I decided to run a tempo regardless of pain. I cut my usual distance in half and ran 30 minutes at tempo pace after a 2 mile warm-up. I was a bit tired for this effort and on top of my injury I have a bit of a cold (or allergies). I was weak and tired and the run did not feel that good. My leg was sore for the whole workout though no worse then last week. I felt out of shape and not that great on my run. I finished my run with a nice 2 mile cool down.

Today I ran an easy 5 miles after buying an iPhone! Already I have made a restaurant reservation and texted a bunch of friends with my new and exciting gadget. I do not think I will post from my phone but you never know when the mood may hit!

Tomorrow night I have a track workout and I am planning on running. I have booked a car as well so we will see how it goes. I do not want to further damage my hamstring but I also do not want to stop training with no pain relief. I have decided to push my leg. If I get injured I will take a few weeks off and convalesce. If I do not get really injured then I will run really fast in pain. I have a race on Sunday so I will have a very good test of my leg. I was really fit so it will be interesting to see how I compare to last year. I was not as fit last year but I still ran a best time.

I also have a busy social calendar this weekend. I am hoping my horoscope is accurate! I am really excited to see a good friend on Saturday night. We do not have any plans as of yet but I hope a visit to Gravity Pope is on the menu. Sunday I race in the morning then dinner in the evening to celebrate International Women's Day with a group of gay men. It ought to be a great time!

Tuesday: 9 miles as 30 minute tempo
Wednesday: 5 miles

Happy Training!

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