Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have been derailed from my training due to injury and illness.

In the last 2 weeks I may have run 40 miles in total. I have had a hamstring injury and now I am starting to recover from a nasty chest cold. The chest cold has really taken a chunk out of my training and I even missed a day of work yesterday. I have missed 3 long runs and a few long tempos. My actual running workouts have been of a great quality but the inconsistency of training is a troubling issue. My marathon training has become a train wreck.

The thing is, as I get better from my cold I am feeling refreshed with a bit of extra energy. A couple of people commented today that I am even looking refreshed after a day of sleeping. Most importantly I do not feel exhausted and it does not hurt to walk. With 6ish weeks of training to go I am feeling quite ambivalent to pick up where I left my training in an effort to be able to race on May 2nd. I feel like I have lost my fitness and more importantly my desire to go to the 'place' I need to go to run fast. I like having energy and time to socialize and having a balanced life is quite refreshing. At this point I am wondering if the marathon is really for me.

I want to ski. I want to go out with friends. I want to go dancing. I want to enjoy running for the pure pleasure of running. I want to feel normal with energy to engage in conversation for longer then 10 minutes. I want to be my cheerful self without stressing about mileage and the doom of the marathon.

My friend who was staying with me during the Olympics asked me a question as I anxiously prepared to go for my long run. "Do you even like running?" I love running. I love running fast. Fast. I do not like running slow. I do not like long runs or long tempos. I do not like training for the marathon. I am not a marathoner. I do not think I want to run a marathon anymore.

What does this mean? I am going skiing on Saturday and I may even try and go out on Saturday night if I have the energy.

Hopefully my cold will be healed!

No more mileage!

Happy Running!


  1. Wow, you approve them 1st.....

  2. Jay, I told you the marathon training isnt the same. I also said that you will have doubts and tirdness. You got too listen too Granddad. Now get rid of your cold and get back into training. The way your carying on, I might just run it myself to beat you Young man. You will be fine, its your debut, go with it, see what happens, and if you dont want to do another one after, so be it. But you will have a time to beat the next time. Lets go Jay. Cheers Grandad KO. I dont feel like doing my tempo, but I a son of a tough bastard and in 10 minutes I will be out there!

  3. LOL, yeah I moderate the comments after getting some weird spam comments. Thanks for the input. No tempo today as I am still quite ill but I will be on the track on Thursday! As for a long run, oy...we will see...

  4. Marathons are hard to train for. It's a big time commitment and you need to follow through if you really want to be prepared.