Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cross Training

Instead of a run I went for a shop and a skate ski today.

I love skate skiing and I am somewhat disappointed I did not get to ski more this year. I hope to get up to the mountain at least a couple of more times although the snow was a bit scarce in places. There was a bit of inconsistency with the snow as well. It is obvious to determine where the sun has shone throughout the day as there is fast and slow snow. I had a great time tonight and it was a great break to get some quality activity without battering my legs.

As I am moving to a new apartment I have started another type of cross training, decorating. I am a home body. I love being surrounded by nice things and touching them. I love trying to think of new ways to do old things. I am also enjoying thrift stores, consignment stores and used furniture stores. I have bought a couple of small love seats/sofas. They are Danish retro solid oak and will help me make myself a beach house. Today I managed a trip to South Granville to check out what is new in furniture.

My favorite store was Restoration Hardware. If I had the money I would have bought a full set of furniture for my place. I will use some of the pieces as inspiration for my new place. I love this coffee table. It would look great framed by my large windows overlooking the majestic Pacific. I will recreate with a few pieces from the thrift store, primer and a bucket of paint.

Yesterday I ran my tempo. 40 minutes at pace in total. I felt good over the duration of the run and generally thought I ran quite well. It was not torturous in the least and I felt much better then the previous week's run. I am getting back into shape which is a relief. I am also feeling very lean which is nice. I do not think I will have a stellar race this weekend but it will be nice to get back into the race environment.

I have a lot of change in the near future. I have a move to look forward to, teeth whitening, a race and fast training. On the downside I will be going back to full time work in April to finance my move. I guess it is a good thing I decided not to run the marathon. The race organizers for BMO gave me a comp for the 8km so, yippee! I get to race anyways!

Happy Training!

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  1. Ooo that coffee table is perfect. Perhaps Pier One might have something you can buy and distress? How exciting!