Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baden Powell Redux

This morning I hit the Baden Powell for the second time. I went trail running with a a group of friends and had an enjoyable time getting lost in the North Shore Mountains.

After running to my friend's place to hop a drive to North Vancouver we landed at the trail head to exercise our minds and bodies in the fresh morning air. The trail was wet and muddy and we were soon panting and covered in mess. After a mile or so my friend and I moved to the front and went off on our own, meaning to return to the car in approximately 45 minutes. The thing about the North Shore Trails is that they are scarcely marked and the maps on the trails are not detailed in the least. My friend and I got horribly lost and with each stop to ask for directions got more and more confused. At the prearranged meet up time we texted our traveling mates to inform them of out predicament. "Where are you?" Sculler asked my friend.
"On the Baden Powell!" Stereo and I responded.
"We don't know, we are lost!"
Eventually my friend and I made our way to the Seymour Mountain Parkway with directions on how to find the mall to meet up with our other friends and return to the safety of the city (of course I would get directions to the mall!). Although a bit wet and tired from some extra hill climbs we were in good spirits to head to my friend's place for a wonderful Sunday brunch. Nothing works up an appetite like a good trail run.

I have discovered that the key to trail running is to avoid running 10 miles on the road before hitting the trail. I had a lot more fun today then on my previous experience even with getting lost. I can actually see myself running these trails again and maybe not getting lost next time!

Every day I am out and about I am thinking of ideas for decorating my apartment. There is so much I want to do and I have a very tight budget to do it with. I have found all the thrift and consignment stores in the city and have found some great objects. I cannot purchase much yet as it makes no sense to buy something only to have to move it twice. I also think it is important to get into the space before I start getting into my lofty goals of what I want to accomplish. I was looking at wonderful fabric today just in case I need to upholster some chairs. I am going to take a lot of photos and I will share them too! I am totally going to do a before, during and after of my new beach house. There is just so much to think about from the furniture I need to the decorating and the budget. This is all very exciting!

I am also in the process of trying to get some comp entries for races this spring. My next race ought to be TC10 km if everything goes according to plan. I have never raced the TC but have heard nothing but good things about this race. I think this will be a great race to get me primed for the Sunrun.

Happy Training!

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