Saturday, February 13, 2010

Too Much

I am happy to be home for some down time and Olympic sport.

As I blog today there is the sound of police helicopters in the background and speed skating streaming live. I have had quite a busy week. I will start with a recap of Thursday.

I got a message from my friend as I was on my way home from work to see if I wanted to go to a reception in the evening. I decided I would love to go and arranged to run my workout on my own in Stanley Park. I started my warm up and felt satisfactory. I was going to run a track workout but the track was in very poor condition so I decided to run in the trails. I wound up at Beaver Lake. I started my drills and strides and did not feel good. I felt very tired and heavy after a couple of nights of poor sleep. I was also having some stomach issues which is quite unusual for me. I decided to run 1 interval and see how I felt. I ran 3:02 for km. The effort was more of a 2:50 and was not a great feeling. I was also scared of a bit of an accident so I stopped my workout and ran an extended cool down. I was a bit disappointed with this effort but I know it is but a minor set back in the long road to marathon.
Thursday night I was excited to go to a reception at the Pan Pacific for Aboriginal Tourism BC. There was food and a free drink. The food was traditional aboriginal fare from different first nations from around the country. There was a lot of meat, and although tasty, I was craving a big hunk of carbohydrate as I was getting ready to leave. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the culture of the different first nations from around the country and some very beautiful costumes. I have to admit that the best part of the evening was buying a new outfit at Club Monaco. I got a great pair of pants that make my legs look super long and bulge quite nice!

Friday morning I woke up feeling tired. After a long but good day of work I hit the gym for a quick weight workout. I have not completed as many workouts as I would have liked this week so it was imperative I maintain my momentum and continue to build my strength. I had a great workout and even tried out some new machines. My deltoids are a bit sore as I type this so I know I worked hard.

Last night I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. I have seen the ceremonies in real life so it was really neat to compare the TV experience with the live experience. There were aspects of the live experience that were better. The performers seemed like they were really singing at the dress rehearsal whereas on TV they seemed to be lip syncing. For both shows Sarah and Joni gave me chills. I love the song Ordinary Miracle. When I would be sad and lonely I would play that song as I walked to work to remember that it is a wonderful world with the miracle of a sunrise happening everyday. KD Lang blew me away. Her performance was amazing and I totally think she stole the show. Big credit to Meisha who also nailed one my favorite tunes the Olympic Anthem. There was a big gay/lesbian aspect to the ceremonies too with both KD and Ashley McIssac representing. It was also great to watch the ceremonies with a great group of friends!

After the ceremony we took a walk to check out the torch at the IBC. It was amazing to feel the energy in the crowds on the street and be part of such a wonderful moment for this beautiful city. The cauldron itself is a bit weird looking and somewhat chintzy but I guess it holds true to the theme of the opening ceremonies. Although I must admit the previous photo turned out amazing!

This morning I had a very strong workout in Stanley Park with my club, VFAC. Today was my first long interval workout in preparation for the marathon. John has the marathoners run an extra interval. I was given quite moderate pacing as this was more interval mileage then I have run in a few years. I ran approximately 10 seconds faster then pace time and actually ran faster then I usually run for my regular length interval. I am very happy to be running longer interval workouts especially when they go as well as today's. After the workout I had a bit of a chat with my coach about my tempos and planning for the marathon. So far everything is going well and I am on schedule. My plan has been altered from a couple of months ago. I have realized that I cannot run huge mileage and maintain any semblence of a happy and productive life thus I am focusing on my big days. I want to ensure I have a good long run, tempo and intervals workouts. I want my off day runs to be good and fun jaunts through the city. It turns out that a lot of people need to up the mileage to keep the weight off. Since I do not have to worry about my weight (If anything I might be a little too thin) I do not necessarily have the same pressure to burn extra calories. It is nice to have a coach who thinks I am a good weight without the need to get any more lean then I already am. I am continuing to get faster and this workout has been yet another progression. I am excited to train and race.

Tonight I am heading to the ballet as part of the Cultural Olympiad. I am very excited to see the National Ballet and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet dance together for only the second time. I think I will wear my other new outfit I bought the other night, ha ha! Tomorrow is my long run and hopefully the sun will come out to visit. In the evening I will be glued to my friend's TV screen for the pairs short program. I am so nervous for our Canadian Skaters I can hardly handle it!

Thursday: 8 miles
Friday: 1 mile and weights
Saturday: 10 miles

Happy Training!

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