Monday, February 22, 2010

Time Out

I am taking an injury time out today.

In the midst of running a very fast workout on Saturday I felt a twinge of pain at the back of my left knee. It is not a knee issue but rather an issue of my calf muscle attaching to the bone and a bit of soreness. I thought I would give my long run a go yesterday and evaluate the pain as I went. 1/4 of a way into the run I stopped for a pee break. When I returned to running the pain was noticeably worse thus I turned around and ran home. The pain lingered somewhat through out the day so I am happy I decided to try for healing rather then pushing the long run. Today I am taking a total day off in the hopes of being able to progress my tempo tomorrow.
I have been crazy busy with the Olympics and am feeling a bit of Olympic induced exhaustion with some alcohol induced side effects as well. I made a trip with my house guest to the curling and had a blast. Prior to the curling my friend took me as a guest into the Canfund house in the Shaw building. I love free food and booze and seeing former and current Olympic athletes. The curling was a raucous affair. I had some anxiety over the potential for the bleachers to collapse as I am sure they were designed without the current obese population in mind nor the stomping crowds of crazy Canadians.

After watching an amazing original dance last night I headed to the Atlantic Canada House to watch Hey Rosetta. My house guest, who is very connected, got us tickets to jump the 3 hour line. The venue was small and very intimate and the band was awesome. I had so much fun and even met some really fun people. It was a very East Coast atmosphere with many friendly faces and people ready and willing to engage in conversation.

Tonight I am heading to my last Olympic event the Ice Dance Free Dance. I am very excited!

Sunday: 10 miles and Weights
Monday: 0 miles

Happy Training!

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