Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunny Saturday!

The day started with an amazing workout in Stanley Park followed by lots of time spent relaxing and cycling with friends.

My workout this morning was a bit shocking and totally wonderful. I was not overly fired up over this workout but I felt good after taking yesterday off due to fatigue. The workout itself was a long interval followed by two shorter ones. I ran a personal best workout and felt great. On warm up I was concerned with my bilateral foot pain but once my body had been stretched and warmed I felt fine. Today I had one of those workouts when it does not feel like my feet hit the ground. I even took an extra long cool down to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather.

After a nice lunch I went for a random photo walk around downtown. The walk was cut short by a friend seeing if I wanted to hang out. Eventually he had to run so I rode his low rider bike in my skinny jeans and big cream sweater while he ran. We did an Olympic run around some of the venues. It was really fun to be out in the sunshine all day. I even feel like I got a bit of a burn!

Last night I hit my first Cultural Olympiad event. If you get a chance to go to any of these events jump at the opportunity. There are some amazing shows in the city of both National and International performers. Last night I saw Moon Water by the Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan. It was hypnotizing and absolutely breathtaking. I do not have the appropriate vocabulary to describe the gift these dancers posses. Speechless.

I have started to see some of the athletes around the city and I am super pumped. I am now also going to Ski Cross up at Cypress which ought to be a blast. Some out of control to go with the control of skating. The city is also filling up and the Sea Wall was very busy today. The excitement is building with every day we get closer to the opening ceremonies. There has been a lot of speculation on who is going to light the Olympic Cauldron. Who do you think it will be? I have a few people I would like to see and I have been watching the media for hints. I got a good one this morning that might be worthwhile pursuing!

I will post my suspicions later!

Saturday: 10 miles

Oh and I got a request for a video post. I am planning a video log for my next favorite Olympic moment!

Happy Training!

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