Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ready to Open

I am busy, very busy.

The Olympics are just around the corner and my life has gone into overdrive. I am somehow trying to work, train, host and take in Olympic events. All at the same time. I am tired and the games have not even started yet.

Yesterday I ran my tempo run and it was super. I ran 55 minutes at pace and it felt great. I got into a rhythm right off the bat and followed with some steady running. The weird thing about this workout was that it was not that hard nor was I really dreading the work. I was excited to run yesterday and wound up with a good effort. Being excited to run a tough long workout makes me think I am back into shape and more importantly mentally ready to race. By the time I finished my tempo I was starting to get the urge to race again and began to dream about Harry's Spring Run Off in March. I am very encouraged to run after this workout.

Today I ran at lunch and ran a tired and heavy 4 miles and then a warmed up final 2 miles. It took me half an hour to warm up. I ran at lunch because tonight I went to the rehearsal for the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at work and I am lean, maybe a bit too lean. Tonight I was a stand in athlete for the parade and it was really cool. I will not give too much away as it should really be a good surprise. I will note that the ceremony is very Canadian and I got chills quite a few times. I will also note that there were a few times when I was a bit uncomfortable, maybe secondary embarrassment. I really think it will be amazing to see on TV and I am super pumped to watch the ceremonies with friends.

Unfortunately they did not show any of the final torch ceremony nor the bearers of the Olympic flag. I am sill undecided who is going to light the cauldron. I think Wayne Gretzky will pass flame to someone who will light the flame. I am hoping it will be Kerrin Lee Gartner but I do not actually think it will be her.

I will not be posting as much as usually as the Olympics hit their course but I will try to take lots of photos.

OK, so I will let out a little secret. I was only a few feet from Wayne Gretzky tonight. If it was Paula Radcliffe, Johnny Weir, Kathy Freeman or Haille I would have been freaking out. If it was Kerrin I would have pooped my pants. I know Mr Gretzky is a big Canadian Icon but I was like, cool. It is more the excitement of telling others and how meaningful it is to others rather then how he has impacted my life. So yeah, Wayne and I are now bff.

So tomorrow I am running a track workout a little early then usual. I hope it keeps the trend going of my great workouts!

Monday: 6 miles
Tuesday: 13 miles
Wednesday: 6 miles

Happy Training!

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