Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Shoes

I got 3 new pair of shoes yesterday. One for training and 2 for looking cute. Goodbye Saucony, hello Mizuno!

This morning I ran a great workout in my new training flats. I think they are fast! The workout was 1 km, 2km, 1 km, 2 km. I ran below pace time for all efforts opening the workout with a 2:47. I was a bit worried that I ran too hard to begin but in the end I wound up running the entire workout faster then expected.

The weather is so gorgeous in the city I do not know how I could not run fast. A friend of mine was also visited from Montreal who I ran with at UNB. It was neat to run with him again and it was almost like old times except that I am much faster now!

I have changed my training and racing flats as my Saucony flats have a mesh foot that means my feet get soaked even if I run across damp grass. I have been having a lot of foot issues as well especially after my long workouts. Today's run in my new Mizunos was great. My feet feel really good right now with little to no pain. The shoe itself is not as built up as the Saucony but it still feels like I am getting enough, though minimal, cushion. I guess the real test of the shoe will be my Tuesday Tempo. The good thing about not having a sponsor is that I get to try whatever shoe I feel like and I do not have to pretend to like a shoe just because it is free. I would much rather be honest then get something for free anyways!

The Olympics continue and I am excited for some more action. Tonight is curling. I am super excited for the original dance tomorrow as Virtue and Moir are skating really well. Tomorrow I hope to survive my long run. I am getting close to my longest run ever.

Saturday: 9 miles

Happy Training!

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  1. Are those Mushas? I wish I had the biomechanics for those shoes.