Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long Run

Long runs are back on track.

Today I ran my first long run in a few weeks to great success. I slept in this morning and took my time making my coffee and having a nice relaxed breakfast. I headed out the door ready to endure a 17 mile long run. There really was not much to endure. It went by relatively fast considering it took 2 hours and my body, although fatigued, feels good. The best part of my long runs is at the 50 minute mark when I get to run a loop of the UBC endowment lands trails. It takes me around 18 to 20 minutes to do a loop of the lower trails. They are soft and fun and spice up the run a bit. An issue with the trails is that I have a switch that gets turned when I get onto trails. I have a conditioned response to run fast on trails derived from years of running intervals on terrain. I must tell myself to slow down to maintain the aerobic nature of my long run.

Last night I watched the film Amelie. It is an absolutely beautiful love story told in a creative and quirky way. I loved Amelie and identified very closely with her. I feel like we would be best of friends if we were to meet. I love her search for tactile senses and how she places herself into the plots of movies. I found myself doing the same thing at one point in the film. There is a moment when her friend tells her something along the lines of "Amelie, you need to live your life now for you and take chances to get what you dream you can have. If you do not you heart will turn into a piece of stone." (although I put this in quotes it is actually a really bad paraphrase) He was actually speaking to me.

On my walk home I noticed the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. This is the time when the blossoms are full of possibility. There is hope in the first little flowers and knowledge that the best is yet to come. The best of what the tree has to offer is only a few days away when the beauty of the collected blooms will prove to be almost overwhelming. The city will be soon covered in a sea of pink and I am very happy to see this. I love anticipation. I love when something is close to happening and I can use my imagination to foresee an event and it's potential to excite and warm the heart. As the cherry blossoms are quickly showing their potential to warm the heart the Olympics are also building an exciting atmosphere in the city. Athletes are arriving, venues are opening and the anticipation is palpable.

I have been thinking about my favorite Winter Olympic Moments quite a bit. Kerrin Lee Gartner winning Olympic gold in 1992 is the only Olympic event to draw tears from my eyes. My sport of choice at the time was alpine skiing and I was an avid racer. To see a Canadian atop the podium in a sport which I loved so much made my heart ache with joy. I will always remember that moment.

I was going to video log today but I just cannot. Maybe cannot is not the right word. I do not want to. I do not like to watch myself on camera. It destroys the fragile illusion I have created inside my head of who I am. I really do not like it. I will concentrate on the written word for now and let you anticipate who I really am.

Sunday: 17 miles

Happy Training!

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