Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Learning to be Friendly

The Olympics are coming very soon and Vancouverites are getting a lesson.

I was walking past the transit wall at work when I noticed a nice little flier called "Friendly is Universal." What a wonderful sentiment. I picked up this little piece of joy and flipped it over to find basic instructions on how to be friendly on transit. Even those who are at the helm of Translink are aware of the lack of systematic friendliness in this city and the need to coax people to smile and help those who appear lost.

The city of Vancouver also gave it's employees a primer on how to be polite and greet dignitaries from around the world. What kind of civil service needs instructions on basic manners? Apparently that of our fair city. Hopefully a result of the Olympics will be a more open city of people who are a least somewhat more willing to smile and say hello. I hope people eventually learn to be friendly.

Training is back on track as experience is proving to be invaluable. I had laid off my mileage over the weekend in an effort to save my feet and avoid injury. I know I need to push my miles and get my long runs going while also understanding that a severe injury may set me back 6 weeks. A low mileage week of consistent training will put a dip in the miles category but not result in a big fitness loss. There will be tough weeks of pain and high mileage but I need to make it there and that will not happen if I am chronically injured. Besides, I run because I find it fun, it is my play. When it hurts because of injury it is not fun.

I had a great 50 minute tempo on Tuesday. Initially my legs were quite tired and I had a distinct craving to quit. Once through the doubt I got into a rhythm and ticked off the minutes. I was revving towards the end of the effort and had to repeatedly tell myself to slow down. In total I ran close to 13 miles for the day, practically a half marathon. I followed my tempo with a good meal and another good swim. We had a slightly confusing fin workout split between free and kick. I felt strong in the pool and the placebo effect of weights may have had an effect. Today I ran an easy five miles which felt really good. I was very happy to run and I even ran into a restricted area of the Olympic media centre, oops! Tonight I did weights with a friend. It was different as we only did triceps and shoulders. I am a total novice and totally embarrassed him with my inability to straighten my back and rotate my pelvis. I think by the end I was starting to get the concept. I am getting so excited for summer! I do not think I will wear a shirt once!

All these weights and swimming has brought my appetite back with a vengence. I have not eaten this much food is a very long time. Already today I have eaten 5 meals with 4 or 5 snacks. I had a second breakfast at work after having a snack. I had two suppers as well as I was starving after I finished my weights. After 6 months of struggling with eating enough it is weird and somewhat annoying to always be hungry. I have been craving junk food a bit but have been resisting the temptation. Tomorrow morning I am planning on giving into a bit of temptation with a Tim Horton's breakfast. Oh how I love a greasy sausage sandwiched in a buttery biscuit with fake chemical cheese. I am hungry already.

Monday: 5 miles and weights
Tuesday: 12 miles with tempo, 2700 m swim
Wednesday: 5 miles and weights

Happy Training!

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  1. The Starbucks sausage breakfast sandwich is by far the best breakfast sandwich on the market. And so cheap at under $4.00!