Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have to report that my Olympics have been everything I have moved to the city to celebrate. I have had the most wonderful past week and a half and as I have returned to work I feel quite sad for the Olympics to end.
The highlight of the games for me was being at the Pacific Colosseum to watch the ice dance free dance. I love figure skating and ice dance is my favorite discipline. I have followed our Canadian couple, Virtue and Moir, since they were Junior skaters. I am absolutely honored and feel so fortunate to have seen their utterly magnificent program in person. It is a moment I will remember until I become senile in old age. At that point I will act out the program as my care aid attempts to change my diaper.

I knew Virtue and Moir were going to win because I saw another omen. I love the TV show Glee. It is one of two TV shows I watch after downloading on my computer. Upon passing security at the figure skating venue there is an area where there are performers. On Monday night there was a Glee club performing, check out the video below. Although not the quality of the 'kids' on Glee, they were pretty good. As I was walking towards the arena they began Don't Stop Believing, my favorite. A good omen!

I have been thinking and yet again I have been inspired by one of my friends. I have had a house guest staying with me for the Olympics who has made the experience beyond compare. I have had access to the Canfund house as well as Canada Olympic House. I have also been able to attend more events then I had planned at a considerable savings because of her being able to find some cheap tickets. Besides the really cool things I have been able to do I have learned a great lesson from my dear friend. It is most important to take advantage of opportunities when they are presented then jump in with both feet.

It was when I skipped a workout or moved my schedule when I had the most fun. It was the random events that were spontaneous that may have been the most rewarding. It was when I engaged in random conversation with a stranger that I met some fun and interesting people. It was when I decided at the last minute to get some vacation days when I was able to go to a really awesome Hey Rosetta! show and stay out really late. It was her inspiration to live in the now and be more open that enabled me to drop my usual planned life and have some fun.

I am hoping to try to be more fun and more spontaneous over the next few months. I realize training for a marathon requires some semblance of planning so I cannot be too crazy but I can have some fun every now and again. If an opportunity presents itself then I have to jump at it!

If my social life has been wonderful my training life has been less then stellar. My 'knee' continues to be painful. I warmed up for my tempo yesterday but the pain increased the more I ran. I usually start most of my runs in varying levels of pain. Within 14 minutes of a run it will be gone as my muscles get nice and warm. I know I am fighting an injury when the pain gets worse as I run more. As I write this blog my 'knee' is throbbing a bit. I was going to try and run today but after spending all day on my feet I think it needs a rest. I will try my tempo tomorrow and I may push my 'knee' to see if this may be something I can train through. I do not like to train in acute pain so I will see what happens. On the good side I can feel my energy coming back and my mood has lightened with the low mileage week.

Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: 0 miles

Happy Training!

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