Friday, February 19, 2010

The Fever

I have been gripped by an Olympic fever!

The past week has been especially busy as I have found myself trying to balance the lure of the rings, my bank balance and my training needs. Thankfully I have a few days off work or else I would be totally haywire. I have been been struck by a feature of attending these games and cultural activities that I would like to reflect upon.

These games are very heterosexual, almost offensively.
Hockey Game Kiss Cam: Normally something quite innocuous though throughout the duration of this activity I found myself feeling less and less a part of the celebration. During the intermission between periods a roving camera shoots people in the audience sitting together, of the opposite sex, and broadcasts them on the jumbotron until they kiss. Cute, right? I found myself wondering what would happen if they put the camera on two men. There would be an uproar of laughter as two overtly hetero men would pretend to give each other a messy wet kiss. This would be followed with applause for them being such good sports to do such a dastardly deed.

Recently Married/Has new son/Dating his Coach: I was at the men's free skate last night and it was very very exciting. During the warm up a short biography is read on each of the skaters. Despite the reputation, it turns out that male figure skaters are one butch group. Several of the skaters spend their spare time doing very masculine things like motorcycle racing, rebuilding cars and being macho. Those who do not do these things are married to their female coach or have a new son. The remainder of the athletes do not seem to do anything but train as the announcer only mentions their training rink and who their coaches are. Heaven forbid if anyone were to think these people were anything other then a masculine example of the Olympic ideal. I would have loved to hear "J. spends his time shopping, talking on the phone and checking out cute guys when not on the ice. He hopes to pursue a career in fashion design or gay porn when his competitive skating career is finished." I would holla back for that one!

Thankfully the skating last night was awesome. I was very happy with the result as I think it was judged very well, with the exception of Patrick Chan being very over marked. I took so many photos it is crazy. There were also some homos in the audience as I found myself getting checked out a few times. Unfortunately I was not seated near any cute guys but I have come to expect to sit around a lot of middle aged ladies at figure skating competitions. Last night the ladies were very knowledgeable which makes the experience even better. It is fun to talk about how awful or wonderful the skaters are as soon as they finish.

Highlights for me were seeing Brian up close and Johnny Weir. There was great energy in the building although a lot of empty seats (worked well for me as my original seat was not the best). I am now really excited for the free dance.

I also saw Feist Wednesday night. A wonderful concert. I felt very single and very gay at this concert. I was seated, with my friend, amongst of sea of hetero couples all in love. Correction, they were not all in love. The couple in front of us were fighting for the first 1/2 hour of the concert. It is when going to concerts and the such when I notice how much of a couples world it is. As a permanent singleton I do not usually think much of doing things alone. Last night I went to the skating alone. When I bumped into a friend at the skating she was surprised to see me there alone. To be honest if I did not do things alone I would not do much at all which is a great segue into my training update.

Since Sunday I have had some quality training. The highlight would be my hour tempo on just over 2:20 pace. I would not be able to report an easy run but I can relate that once into the last 1/2 hour it went by pretty fast. I felt really strong and I was really happy with my effort. Stupidly I got a bath later in the day and woke up on Wednesday really tight and sore. Yesterday I ran a workout on my own focusing mostly on trying to get a bit of a tan and strengthening. I did extended drills with high knees and lunges. I ran a few 400s to maintain my strength. I mainly played on the track for 45 minutes then took the long way home. It was fun. Today I have an easy run in the glorious Vancouver sunshine then a trip to the gym.

I am very much enjoying the Olympics and the energy in the city is still amazing. The people are not any more friendly but I have run into a few foreigners who have been quite lovely. I had a great chat with an Australian doctor on the bus last night and hung out with som random Americans. The people I sat with last night at the figure skating were from Toronto.

Upcoming I have a trip to curling tomorrow night and then ice dance!

Monday: 6 miles
Tuesday: 13 miles in Tempo
Wednesday: 6 miles and weights
Thursday: 8 miles
Friday: 5 miles and weights

Happy Training!

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