Thursday, February 4, 2010

All Out

Tonight was the infamous all out 200 workout. I ran fast.

I had a regular morning at work followed by an absolutely wonderful afternoon running errands and picking up a few tickets for the Olympics. I also had time to make my favorite coconut lime banana bread. I picked up my car to head to the track feeling rested and kind of revved up, almost on the verge of being hypo manic.

I had a sluggish warm up during which I was hoping for a long interval workout. I was craving mile repeats or maybe even 800 repeats. What I got was 200s all out. After our typical 400 warm up (I think I ran quite low 60 something or other) we got into the balance of the workout. The track was a bit of a circus with a few very big clubs all running different workouts. It is tough to run a fast workout when there are groups doing tempo, long and shorter intervals. Surprisingly everything went very smoothly and I did not have to yell at anyone. The 200s went very fast and I think it may have been my fastest workout ever.

At one point during the workout I did think about the marathon and wondered how running 5 200s as fast as I could would end out having me run a fast marathon. I would normally be worried about a short workout such as this but I have learned to trust John's program. I keep getting faster for no apparent reason (other then training really hard) and it is really fun to run really fast (and beat the sprinters, ha ha!). It is also really fun to run on the track with spikes and a healthy dose of balls and testosterone. I may be small but I am getting some powerful.

Instead of things I love and hate I am going to write about a few of my favorite winter Olympic moments in preparation for upcoming Olympics. I am so beyond excited for the Olympics I think I am going to explode. Tomorrow night I get my first taste of the Cultural Olympiad. Having the Olympics in my city is a dream come true. I am ready to welcome the world!

Olympic Moment
1992 Albertville Olympics: Usova and Zhulin free dance to Vivaldi's Four Seasons.
I have watched this figure skating program thousands of times. I had a video of it my sister made for me while I was on a trip during the Olympics. I watched it several times a day after I would get home from school for at least a year. That was until my loving family taped over my beloved figure skating. In light of today's very difficult programs and complex choreography this program seems almost naive and simply artistic although I think it would stand up to current programs. The first time I watched this program it moved me as all great sporting events have. Usova and Zhulin won the bronze but this program is the one from 1992 that made me fall in love with ice dance. As Paul Martini quotes at then end of this section "It is sugar to my eyes".

Thursday: 7 miles as 400 and 5 X 200

Happy Training!

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