Monday, February 1, 2010

89 Days

I got my entry into the BMO Vancouver Marathon and I now have 89 days until my debut!

The thought of running a marathon is frightening. The thought of running a marathon fast is terrifying. The thought of training to run a marathon fast is 100% beyond a doubt one of the scariest things I have ever tackled. My training plan has already altered from my initial plan but regardless it will be a huge challenge and I am both anxious and excited. Getting my entry late today makes the event on the 2nd of May a reality. I am registered so I ought to get seriously into the training.

Tonight I hit the gym for a treadmill run and weights. My feet were not too bad tonight and there is minimal pain and little throbbing. I think I spent less time on my feet today at work which certainly makes a difference. I also rode my bike which means I do not have to walk to the bus. Although I only have to walk approximately 10 blocks I think it all adds a bit of trauma and impact to already tender appendages. Although the cycle commute is quite short it certainty gets my heart rate going and gives me a good glow. I am sure it kick starts my metabolism in the morning. All together I ran 5 miles at 6:30 pace and upped my weights. I am gaining a bit of muscle but mostly just getting really ripped. It is kind of scary but cool at the same time.

I was thinking again. I think I have resigned. I have resigned my place in the lineup for love. Not that I wouldn't be open to it but I am kind of thinking that it is not going to happen anyways so why bother hanging around looking for love. I know this may mean that my life will continue to be meaningless (first to get kicked off a sinking ship, to quote most in relationships 'I can't imagine my life without {insert name here}', 'Being a mother really showed me how meaningless my life used to be', 'My Olympic goal medal was amazing but meeting my wife gave my life meaning'...) but at least it will be my life. I know I seem to go in circles on this very important issue but that is just the way I am. I do not think this is the end of my Bohemian Ideals. I imagine love is a many splendid thing, love lifts us up where we belong and that all we need is love. Actually I realized this morning while chatting with a friend that I do not need love. Obviously I do not need love for if I did I would be dead by now. Anyhow, other people need love in their life and thus they bump from relationship to relationship in search of that feeling. For me, love is only a feeling.

Besides, there are going to be thousands of hot athletes in the city for the Olympics and I am getting tuned up just in time. I always wanted to be single for the Olympics. Bring it on!

Monday: 5 miles and weights

Happy Training!

"No I'm no one's wife, but oh I love my life, and all that Jazz!"

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  1. Good luck with your marathon training Jay, I am so excited already to see how you will do - awesome i am sure but just how awesome?!