Thursday, January 28, 2010

VFAC Track

Tonight I had a great and much needed workout.

Tonight we were to run 5 X 400 at slightly less then all out pace with the first interval as a warm up. I ran the first interval in 64 which was very comfortable. I followed with 4 efforts all sub 60. As this is only my second workout on the track I am extremely happy with this workout. In light of feeling somewhat under the weather and with approximately an hour warm up this bodes well for improving my front end speed. I have no idea where my track legs have come from but I will take them.

I was slightly annoyed on the track as there were several groups training. I will not rant as I had for the jerk on Saturday but I will make one point. I find it very disheartening when runners show complete disregard or do not familiarize themselves with track etiquette. The inside lanes are for the fastest training group. When someone yells 'track' it means move to the outside lane to let the faster group go through. Tonight I was totally blocked by 4 slow moving runners. When trying to run sub 60 seconds for 400 this is not a good thing. Also, do not stand on the inside lane not should one do drills on the inside lane. As the sign says, first three lanes are for FAST runners, also known as the fast lanes. If you are slower please move to the outside.

Tonight I have quite severe foot pain which is throbbing as I type this. I also have a sore throat and my nose is starting to snot and run. This cold is totally annoying and I wish it would either go away or get really bad. This whole half hearted lingering thing is tres annoying. The best would be for it to go away!

Thursday: 8 miles

Happy Training!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. I usually have free reign of the track but I feel your pain since I"ve had to deal with people unleashing their dogs at the track one of them even thought I was prey and attacked me!