Friday, January 1, 2010

Try Anthing Once...

...And a second time to make sure the first impression was accurate.

Last night, after ringing in the new year with some friends, we went to an after hours club for some hot dancing and craziness. I have only been to this club once and that visit was during Pride. My first impression was nothing more then repulsion (see blog post from August 2009).

My second visit could not have been better. What I have discovered is that the club, although small, divides into groups of individuals in different sections. When we arrived the club filled up fast and within half an hour it was packed to the point that it was impossible to move without running into someone. After 45 minutes of being pushed around by gargantuan fat men I was frustrated and very annoyed. On the verge of leaving I retreated to a sitting room to get some air and space. I re-entered the dance floor looking for fun. Thankfully I found fun in the form of an impressive array of men fit for the pages of GQ.

The whole night I was dancing with men who could make your heart race. I was happy to have spent some time in the gym as the array of sculpted abs were distracting to say the least. The compliments were flowing in all directions and although I know the lighting was quite dim it was still very nice to hear. Compared to my first visit, when I found not one individual more then satisfactory, it was inspiring. Even while I was dancing with one very attractive shirtless man he commented on the mood of the club during Pride as angry.

I was skeptical going into the club (the line up seemed to be full of trolls and their masters) and was proven wrong. By 5 I was getting very tired and slowly danced my way to the door while ensuring my friends knew I was on my way out. Even leaving the club I was catcalled cute. I arrived home at 6 totally exhausted, sweaty and very relieved. I needed a good new years to get the year started on the right foot. This was one of the most fun nights out ever!

After a short sleep I got up and had a good run in a very rainy Stanley Park. I was a bit tired though the 6 miles felt effortless. I was striding well as evidenced by my very dirty backside. Tomorrow I will hit the park for my first speed work in a while. I am planning on 5 times a km by myself to gauge my fitness before resuming training with a group. I would like to burn a bit on my own before I crash and burn running with others.

After years of quiet New Years Celebrations it was therapeutic to party hard and still manage a good run in the aftermath.

Friday: 6 miles

Happy Training!

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  1. You showed resolve getting out there in the rain after such a night out. Good work!

    Happy new year and all the best with your training goals in 2010!