Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tempo with Sequel

Today I had a surprisingly good tempo and a surprisingly good swim.

I woke up this morning feeling and looking like somehow through the night I made my way to the Burrard Sky Train Station and figured a way to get hit by a train and still make it back to bed. The alarm clock radio was not a welcome invention this morning. Upon getting off work and heading home I was dreading what I thought would be a dreadfully painful tempo run. I made a deal with myself to run a specific route with an end point for my tempo rather then running a specific time (today, 50 minutes). I ran to my usual starting place and began my tempo effort. I ran a full loop on the trails of Stanley Park South of the Causeway then crossed the pedestrian overpass, looped Beaver Lake, ran up to Brockton Point, across Siwash Trail then to the Seawall at Third Beach to finish after running around the Seawall to Second Beach. It was 40 minutes at tempo pace which was great. I loved not having a timer ticking down to measure my workload. I do not think I ran as quality pace as usual but I do believe I was still able to move along at a reasonable pace. If I think back to my last few tempos that would mean that I most likely ran the appropriate pace.

After my cool down and a snack I was so tired that it was impossible for me to avoid laying in bed for a bit of a rest before heading to the pool. I woke up an hour later feeling like a bit of a human again. I had a bit of a bag dilemma before heading to the pool as I thought I was looking quite cute in my skinny pants and big cream colored sweater with an awesome high neck. To top it off I had my lovely cashmere scarf wrapped around my neck. I was concerned my Speedo bag would sully my look. I reached for my leather bag in a moment of narcisism. I quickly realized that I did not want to take my precious bag to a chlorinated nightmare of a pool and placed my bag back in it's proper spot. I think the back pack makes me look like a 15 year old, but whatever.

After sign in I was very tempted to walk to the closest restaurant, order take out and then go home and go to bed early. Instead I changed into my tiny Speedo and hopped into the pool for "the set". This is the longest mileage weeknight workout of the month. My one usual consolation with this workout is it is almost always freestyle. I was disappointed to see Medley on the board. The swim itself was great. My freestyle is not too bad and for the first time ever I did not drop back when doing backstroke. I swam fly and fly drill for the breaststroke so I was even able to keep up for that horrible stroke. I am very pleased I was able to swim the whole workout. I am tickled that my backstroke is starting to finally get better. So nice to go to the pool and not feel like I am going to drown in backstroke!

Overall a great day of training with very inauspicious beginnings. My cold is not really doing much. I feel a bit drained with some voice changes. I am starting to sound quite sexy and a bit manly. As I continue to have no real breathing problems I am pretty pleased with the sexy results of this nuisance. Maybe I will drop another octave for tomorrow.

Things I love
New Things: This seems so obvious, everyone loves new things. Actually not everyone likes new things. In Vancouver people hate new things. If they are going build a new building, house, park, field or start a new program or give new stuff to the poor, people always complain. I suppose that is a post unto itself. New Things are great. I love all new things. Even the most mundane new thing will make me happy. I got new antiperspirant today and I am really excited. I am thinking of using it tomorrow despite the fact that the old one still has some life in it. But the new stuff is going to be great, I can tell because it is new and new things are great. I even get excited with new dish soap. It is hard for me to put it into the cupboard and wait to finish the old green stuff. The new orange stuff is so much better. Even new socks can send a shiver of excitement through my body. Food is not immune from this phenomenon. I will try a bite of almost everything I have bought at the grocery store within hours of getting home. From the 2 kinds of cereal to cottage cheese to a bit of Dijon mustard I will give all the new things a little sample. And they are usually great, when eaten in context, because they are new. Things I love, New Things!

Tuesday: 10 miles with 40 min tempo
Swim: a few thousand meters

Happy Training!

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