Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pain then Gain

I finally feel ready to run again, I think.

Tonight I ran with VFAC for the infamous 4-1-1 mile workout. Starting at mile 0 on the Seawall this workout is a exercise in learning to pace. I have felt what has driven me to train and I enjoyed it. Even with a much too fast first mile (5:04) I was able to run below what my coach had asked (5:20) for my average mile in the first interval. The last mile of the 4 miler was quite tough and at one point I thought I was taking a heart attack, but the pain subsided after a few hundred meters. I had so much energy for the first interval I thought I was going to spring right into the glowing Olympic Rings floating beside the Seawall.

There was full recovery between the intervals. I got a chance to catch my breath but I also had to keep moving to keep my legs loose. Despite the warm weather it is still quite easy to tighten up with a short time standing around. The first of the single miles felt quick and easy. I was working hard and it felt as though the work was resulting with speed. My stride felt crisp and fresh. It was not as easy as the first mile of the 4 miler though it still felt nice. The last mile required a lot of effort as I was chasing my clubmates who were running really well. The chase always provides inspiration to run harder. I do not feel like it's racing in a workout but rather working together. It is like our energy pulls each other on or provides feedback into our own performance. Specifically tonight, when I passed the guys in front of me short of the first mile, I instinctively knew I had run too fast and they are very good at hitting their pace. That type of feedback is not something that is readily available when running on your own. It is nice to be around the running energy again and have a chance to talk racing for a few hours. It is nice to not have to talk about work or love or anything other then running. It is a wonderful twice weekly voyage to a world somehow separate from my normal life.

With the exception of one weekend, 2010 is proving to be exceptional. The scary thing is that I think it is going to get even better. I have gotten some really cool opportunities and will have some coming up. My friend is visiting for the Olympics and I will be attending some really cool events. I am almost as excited for the Cultural Olympiad then anything else. I will be in row 15 for Feist and 4 for the best ballet companies of Canada. The city is really starting to get energized at last as the people here do not seem to get enthusiastic about anything. With the city covered in Olympic regalia it is starting to get quite festive. One does not realize the scope of the Olympics until they are on the verge of happening. The city is beginning to get spruced up for a giant party. I have also booked a trip for the summer which may prove to be my undoing. I will be 2 months out of my marathon and in the mood to party. I will be healthy again with a little more weight on my bones. Currently I am beginning to get very, very lean. I have never had a 6 pack like I do now. It is a bit creapy as I can see all the muscles in my back and some of the bones. As I am also very pale at the moment I imagine to the outside observer they would think I was ill or something. Add to the image I am presenting, shaggy hair and a weeks growth of sparse shaggy beard and you have the workings of a leading role in Jesus Christ Superstar. How can life get any better?

Thursday: 12 miles

Happy Training!

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