Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Tempo Tuesday was yet another success. I ran a 40 minute tempo with a couple of omens to boot!

As part of my convoluted work schedule I did not work yesterday and only worked a 1/2 day today. It is amazing the amount of energy I have to run on this reduced work schedule. It is amazing how much energy I have in general. I am loving part time! After a lunch at home I changed into my running gear and hit Stanley Park to warm up for my tempo.

The weather has been rainy but warm here in the city so I was able to wear shorts and t-shirt with arm warmers. Not many other places in Canada where the conditions are this conducive to training. I felt good on my warm up, not unlike any other regular day. I had no aches or pains and felt 100 times better then last week. Once warmed up I set my watch and worked my way into my tempo.

I ran approximately 20 minutes of the tempo on trails and the last section on the Seawall. I felt satisfactory in the trails. Unremarkable really. It felt like I was just clicking the minutes away. I love the transition to Seawall as I feel very quick and sharp once onto the tarmac. Over the last 20 minutes I could feel my pace building and I felt stronger and stronger. Although I felt like I was working I also felt like I was cruising (and not the gay kind). My brain was engaged in the act of running and I had a good internal dialogue going with no negative self talk. If anything I was trying to go a bit too hard and a few times I had to remind myself to stay below threshold. The last 5 minutes I usually run a bit harder because that is fun. I got to get a bit of burn and felt fast in the last 5 minutes. I finished my tempo at Third beach which enabled me to have a quiet jog to start my cool down with just the sound of the rain and gently falling waves.

So a week ago I wrote about omens. I may have seen a couple of omens today. As I was hammering into my last 12 minutes of my tempo I was rounding the turn at Siwash Rock. I took a quick glance over the Seawall into the crystal clear pacific and noticed a floating condom. I thought, 'that is kind of gross but at least someone is having sex'. I did not really think much of this occurrence although it was the first time I saw a condom floating off the Seawall. Actually I did think of how gross it would be to have that wrapped around my fingers while training open water, but I digress. Then when I finished my tempo and strolled down to the beach to recover I saw another floating condom. Is this a sign? I am finding it hard to interpret this omen. At first I thought that maybe that was a sign I would have a lot of used condoms over the next year. Then I was thinking that maybe my love life will end out being more like a used floating condom then anything else. I do not know how my love life could get more limp and lifeless but I guess anything is possible. Anywho's, I am happy with my tempo regardless.

I had the day off yesterday and had planned to ski but because of the warm weather the ski hill was closed. So I ran some errands and ran in the UBC endowment lands. Following my run I hit the gym to work my giant pipes. So far my weight program is giving me bigger veins and if anything I think I am smaller, although leaner. I have been going to a different gym lately and I must report an increase in the attractive man count. I have seen several men who I would consider having a drink with, although they also have to speak in full sentences which is not a guarantee.

Tomorrow I actually have to work a full day, imagine the inconvenience. I will have an easy run after work and maybe hit the gym. I have a bit more incentive to endure the monotony.

Negative Split: When a workout or race is run with the second half faster then the first. Some argue that one ought to negative split all workouts, building towards the end. Consistent negative splits may also be a sign that the individual is not working hard enough through the first part of the workout.

Snap: In running terms this would be a descriptor of how the leg moves through a running stride. If a stride has good snap it feels as though the stride is quick and energetic. The foot comes off the ground easily with the heel snapping quickly towards the bum. The reach to plant the foot feels effortless and natural and quick. If a stride feels like there is not a lot of snap it feels slow and sluggish. The foot seems to rest on the ground for eternity and generally just looks ugly. If you have seen a person tie up at the end of a race they would have little to no snap in their stride.

Monday: 6 miles
Tuesday: 12 miles with 40 minutes as tempo

Happy Training!


  1. You should start a running club for single gay men in Vancouver! You could put signs up at your gym, start a Facebook group, and then you'd have a whole new set of running cuties to have fun with.

  2. Good work out there!

    There already is a gay running club in Vancouver but its not single-men focused... http://www.vancouverfrontrunners.org/