Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh, The Rain

The treadmill has been used, need I write more?

There has been solid rain all week here in Vancouver. To get an understanding of what the rain is like, imagine running one block with a thin shell jacket on. At the end of that block you are soaked to the bone. I had a struggle yesterday to get out the door. I can train in the rain for several consecutive days but at a certain point I cannot take it anymore. Yesterday was one of those days. I was planning on running with VFAC, but I knew that if I waited to run in the evening I would instead have a big glass of wine and go to bed early. So, I forced myself out the door in the late afternoon to trudge through the wet conditions. Once warmed up the run was not that bad, until the last 10 minutes when I started to shiver. There was also the problem of my soaked feet. Twenty minutes into the run my shoes began to gush with water with every stride. Oh, and once my gloves got soaked after 10 minutes my fingers got really cold. And then I began to chafe. Maybe it was not such a great run.

I would have loved to have run with my club but I could not bring myself to stand in the rain for a few hours. There is something about waiting to get cold and uncomfortable that is worse then actually going out the door and getting it over with. I really dislike running when it becomes a question of getting it over with rather then looking forward to it. I feel that if running becomes something that I 'want to get over with' then it might be time to stop. Hopefully this rain will stop soon so I can start looking forward to running again.

Things I Hate
People on Cell Phones: I do not want to come across as a technophobe but I need to get this off my chest. There are many things about cell phones I hate, including cell phone companies (they are all evil!). My hatred towards cell phones is not necessarily how I use mine (or do not use, as it may be) but how others use theirs. I was at the gym the other night to run on the treadmill. I was bopping along on the machine when a cute blonde chick established herself on the treadmill beside me. After approximately five minutes her phone rang and she began what would become a series of voice and text conversations which would continue throughout the duration of her workout. I wonder when people actually take the time to turn off. We have become such a pressured society that we cannot even exercise any more without multitasking. I have seen people out running while talking on their cell phones, wtf? People cannot get through a performance or movie without whipping out their cell phone to see what message they have received. Unless your loved one's death is eminent or your house is on fire I believe one ought to be able to go without a cell phone for at least 2 hours. If you cannot last a short period of time without your technology of choice then maybe you should stay at home instead of interfering with my enjoyment of an event/activity. I believe you are pathetic and overly co-dependent on others for your own self worth if you are so wedded to your piece of technology that you must be connected to it throughout the duration of your waking hours. I hope I do not offend but...
...Things I hate, how some people use cell phones!

Wednesday: 6 miles (treadmill, ugh)
Thursday: 8 miles

Happy Training!

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