Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Format

I am enjoying the freedom of part time work! A whole afternoon to make homemade chicken soup/stew and play around with the format of the blog. I am mostly happy with the formatting but the header needs a bit of work. I will have to think about it while out running.

I am in the mood for a Bridget Jones night. I think a Milk Tray and a bottle of Red are an order.

When I was going to school in England I became obsessed with running. I was driven by exercise physiology and equations regarding body weight and oxygen absorption. If I was to weigh less then 125 lbs my V02 Max would be above 80, wow! While living in England I ran high mileage and ate very little. I also did not have a mirror so I could not see the damage I was doing to my body. While visiting a friend in London I caught a glimpse of myself getting out of the shower, I was shocked and scared. That day I ate the best doughnut I have ever had from Camden Market and bought a Milk Tray for my trip back to my small university town. I credit doughnuts and Milk Trays with bringing some perspective to my life.

My friend brought me a real Milk Tray from London. My how I love thee!

Happy Training!

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