Friday, January 8, 2010


It is funny how running negative can be a positive. I have returned to running with VFAC and had a pretty good workout.

Last night we ran 2 times 3 miles. Generally I felt good, not counting the freezing cold rain. The first interval went by quite fast and I did not have to really dig hard to run a respectable time. I held myself back and tried to stay steady and even throughout the effort. The last quarter felt really good and I even cracked a huge smile as I rolled into the finish. The second interval went much faster and it felt harder as well. I ran a quicker for the first 800 and rolled through the mile in 5:07(?). For the last two miles of the workout I could feel the faster first section in my legs and lungs. I had good snap and stride length and although I was working hard I felt relaxed. Into the last mile I imagined Paula running hard in the cold by herself and was motivated to run hard to the finish. I was pleased to negative split my workout on my first effort back in the fray.

This negative split gives me confidence in my fitness for this time of year. It has been a while since I have taken a break of this duration. I have also been a little more reckless on this break so to come back and run well is heartening.

This morning, on my first Friday off as a part timer, I ran in the beautiful trails of Stanley Park. My legs felt better then I thought they would. I am tired but generally feel good. I have to ice my right Achilles due to some pain but it really is nothing unexpected. What is a little annoying is the knee pain and hip pain that is starting which serves as a cue to buy new training shoes.

I hate buying running shoes. I am tired of spending money on running shoes that are going to be worn out in 3 months. I am tired of paying too much for shoes that were made in a sweat shop in China or Mexico for $5 a pair and I end out paying $120 or more. I figure I have spent at least $5000 on training shoes as a conservative estimate. I have favorite shoes that I love but at this point in my life I figure I would rather fore go the luxury of a upper end running shoe, that will be worn out in a few months, and buy the cheapest shoe I can find. I do not have a sponsor (I am not fast enough and am overtly gay and opinionated, not really sponsor material) so I end out spending a lot of money. Maybe it is my gay roots showing but I would much rather buy a cashmere sweater or scarf then a clunky pair of ugly running shoes.

Tomorrow I should be running a hard workout but due to a messed up work schedule I will be working instead. I will put all my training back a day.

Thursday: 11 miles, interval workout
Friday: 6 miles

Happy Training!


  1. I just got on the Brooks runnings shoes program which offers a 40% discount on all of their stuff. Check it out. I just filled out the online form and they emailed me while I am on vacation here in Israel.
    Shalom my friend.

  2. Dearling, you need a link to a runner's dictionary for us non-runners. I haven't the foggiest idea what most of this posting was about. VFAC? Negative split? Good snap?

  3. erp. I meant Darling, but you are very dear to me as well. :)

  4. Negative splits are a good sign. I think they mean you ran the second half of your workout faster than the first half.

    I hate shopping for new shoes so when I see a good deal of a shoe I know fits me well, I stock up!!