Sunday, January 31, 2010

The moon

It has been an interesting week.

As I got coffee last night at my favorite coffee shop I took a moment to read my horoscope. It turns out that this full moon was not good for my sign. Wow, I wish I knew that all last week. Nothing really happened that bad but I just had a feeling of frustration. It is funny how being in a bad mood can make even the most insignificant occurrence seem like the end of the world.

I did not run a formal workout yesterday but rather decided to do some speed play. Both my feet and lower legs have been giving me some issues over the past week and thus I decided to take it easier to avoid any further damage. I ran into a couple of friends in the park which was nice and got a corresponding dinner invite which was even better. The funny thing is, I was running along a trail and saw a couple of hot guys out of the corner of my eye. As I came out of the trail I heard them yell my name and I was very surprised and happy to run into my friends to have a little chat. My run yesterday was satisfactory although I am also getting over my cold. Yesterday I was quite congested which added to my lack of desire to train.

After a fun yet frustrating night last night I was feeling less then enthusiastic to run today. I eventually got myself out the door in the afternoon for my long run. I should have run 17 miles but the pain in both my feet limited my ability to run too long. It seems like I have a tibialis anterior tendinitis, so a long run is not the best to aid healing. I ran a good 12 miles and in spite of the pain it went by fast and I had a good amount of energy. I still have the remnants of my cold and a couple of times I tried to clear my nose while running only to have a giant snot land squarely on my cheek and clothes. I feel much better now. It almost seems like my run has cleared out my head. Unfortunately my legs are not feeling that great. Both are quite sore and I can only limp when I need to go somewhere. It was a long walk to the grocery store.

I am hoping the bilateral leg pain is merely an initial reaction to the increased workload that I have piled on my body. Running intervals makes a runner fast but also chew up the body. The forces of running fast on the body are much more severe then that of a slow easy run. I will have to ensure lots of ice and Ibuprofen over the next few weeks to ensure I am able to continue training at a high level.

Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: 12 miles

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