Saturday, January 16, 2010

Be Mine

I noticed some Valentine themed merchandise popping up in Downtown stores thus marking the impending onslaught of depressing marketing espousing love for everyone. One of my few comforts at one time was that most marketing was directed towards a hetero crowd so did not apply to me. Now, in light of human rights and the lure of the almighty dollar, companies are marketing to all of us people living a life in love with images of men in love on some of the advertising for Valentines equipment.

I am generally in dislike of merchandise for holidays showing up in stores months in advance of the actual day. I feel it draws out the event to the point that one is happy the day is over by the time it gets there. Valentines day is no different for me. Already I am thinking about where to take my special someone on that night for the most mind blowing dinner and dancing they have ever known. Or maybe we will go to the Opera this year as a change from the everyday. Or maybe I will drink a bottle of wine, eat a box of chocolates and go to bed early by myself.

The thing is, I have never had a Valentine. Of course I get cards from family and a few friends who will have pity for my pathetic dating abilities but I have never had a real Valentine. One year, while I was at MacMaster University, we had a track workout at the York University Indoor Track. Most of the guys on the team were not thrilled to be running a track workout as Valentines day is the one day when they are almost guaranteed sex with their girlfriend. After the workout the team was pretty anxious to get back to Hamilton and me, as one of the drivers, obliged their wishes and hustled back to the Hammer as fast as possible. Out of sympathy for me one of my teammates got me my first Crispy Creme Doughnut. It is nice to know that even though I do not have a Valentine I have lots of people who care about me. It is still lame that the Crispy Creme Doughnut is one of the few things anyone has gotten me and it came from a hetero teammate.

After noticing the Valentines offerings at the grocery store today I was in a fine mood to get in line behind two love birds at the cash. At the best of times public displays of affection are annoying. At the worst of times they make me mad. As I watched the couple in front of me, a once handsome couple who are in the process of letting themselves go, touch, kiss and whisper into each other ears I thought about my happy days at the country home and counted my breathing. The sound of the slop of their tougue kiss awoke me from my mindful state. I often think, as a hetero couple makes out in front of me in public, what would happen if I were to do the same with my 'boyfriend'. I dare say that at least one person would comment about the gays shoving their sexuality down their throat. Anywho's, as a consolation, their groceries consisted of hydrogenated oils, potato chips, white bread (gasp!) and full sugar Coke. I think there was sausage and bacon too. Have fun with your type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease.

This morning I had a nice run in the Park. I am not feeling the desire to train hard yet and have put off yet another workout. Instead I did some drills and strides to maintain my strength and speed. The weather cleared yesterday afternoon and I must say the change is glorious. I have said it before but it bears repeating. Vancouver is a great city in the rain and when the sun comes out it is absolutely amazing!

Friday: 0 miles and weights
Saturday: 6 miles

Happy Training!


  1. My single guy's Valentine's tradition is to go to Boston Pizza for a heart shaped Valentine Pizza with any of my other single friends. Then we go get liquored up and do all the things that people in relationships WISH they could be doing.

  2. Harro - What a coincidence. I did a google search for sympathy doughnut and your blog popped up...

    I'm looking for a rationale to eat doughnuts because I had a run in with buh-loody Bell Canada which has left me v. annoyed.

    Anyway, I hope all is well with ya.