Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I feel like a piece of cod ready for the fryer.

My body is feeling very beat up. Almost everything on my legs hurts from my big toe to my hip flexors. This is to be expected when getting back into a training program but that does not make it easier.

Yesterday was Tempo Tuesday. I was feeling less then enthused with running a tempo while spending the morning at work. After my 1/2 day of work I had to run a few errands and had my stitches out from my surgery a few weeks ago. Upon arriving home I was very tired and sore. I got changed into my running gear as quick as possible to avoid the temptation of slipping into bed. I got out of my building and started my slow hobble to warm up.

The warm up was bad. Not only was I in pain but I had zero energy. I ran my two miles and stopped to set my watch. It was still light out so I could run in the trails. I hit the start button and off I went. I continued to feel quite dreadful and told myself to just put one foot in front of the other. There was little pop to my stride and I felt like I could not get full extension when reaching to plant my foot. The pain was slightly better while running fast and once warmed up but my energy level was similar to that of a solar battery in Vancouver during November. I ran the first 2o minutes on the trails then emerged from the forest to finish my run on the Sea Wall. The last 15 minutes on the Sea Wall were actually satisfactory. I felt like I could finally get my feet off of the ground and get some follow through with my stride. I finished my tempo by Second Beach Pool. I was relieved to get though it!

I believe in omens. Once in a while, when faced with a big decision or when I question a decision I have made, I find an omen. I finished my tempo and stopped to catch my breath before running my cool down. I looked over the Sea Wall to the beach and saw a piece of sea glass glistening in the sun. I jumped down to the beach and picked up this little gem. It turned out to be a jagged piece of glass that was not quite ready to be taken home, not a weathered beautiful piece of glass. I dropped this piece to be found by someone else in the future. I kept along my way jogging slowly on the beach. To my surprise I caught sight of a small piece of green glass in the sand. I picked it up and polished it to find a perfect piece of sea glass gently softened by the ocean. I took this piece of glass home with me and it rests in my omen vase.

I do not want to be Hocus Pocus about this but the whole exercise spoke to me. It tells me that I should keep on my current track. I ought not to settle for something that may serve it's purpose but not necessarily be appropriate or speak to my heart. I can check something out with the ability to set it away to be found by someone else, who will love it more. I can hold out to find what I truly want and deserve and it will come. I believe I will find what I am looking for, a little more patience and it will be mine.

My cool down felt bad and I was very happy to round the turn to home. I was tough yesterday to finish my run and for that I am proud.

Today I ran an easy 5.5 miles on the Sea wall. My legs felt better then yesterday though as I sit here typing I am in a bit of pain. Hopefully it will be better by tomorrow so I can run a good workout.

Things I Hate
Smart Phones at Concerts: I went to Teagan and Sara last night with my friend. It was challenging. We got to our seats half way through the warm up acts (who were bad). There was a blue glow in the balcony from the many people checking their various {insert brand name here} smart phones/ cell phones. On average the people around us, on all sides, spent at least 50% of the show on their phones. The 4 girls in front of us arrived late and immediately all turned on their iPhones to check Facebook. After 20 minutes of completing their tasks they put their phones away only to repeatedly check them every 10-15 minutes. At one point the girl on the end e-mailed the girl on the other side of the row. I believe it is a very sad reflection of our current technologically addicted culture that a phone is more intriguing then a real human. What the hell is the point of going to a fucking concert if you are going to spend the duration with your nose stuck to a phone screen? seriously? Question mark? Pretty soon these phones are going to have vibrate and dildo functions so that we can email sex to each other. They will come heated with soothing voices to comfort us at night. Jeeze, maybe I should just get an iPhone instead of a boyfriend. Things I Hate, 'Smart' phones at concerts!

Tuesday: 10 miles
Wednesday: 5.5 miles

Happy Training!

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  1. Darling, if I was living nearby I would send you straight to bed for more rest! Take a week off and eat lots of bacon. You will feel much better!