Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baden Powell

I hit the Baden Powell and went to Deep Cove for the first time today.

I ran to the last section of the Baden Powell from the West End then met up with friends to complete my long run on the trail. I did not enjoy the Baden Powell. What I enjoy about a long run is running. I do not like stairs, loose rocks or brooks where a trail ought to be. I do not like varying heart rate nor do I enjoy technical downhill sections covered with clueless tourists. I am pleased that I was able to complete this run today as it took over two hours but it was not the appropriate run for today. I am nervous to wake up tomorrow morning as I think my legs are going to be fucked.

At least I was able to use my new bag to good effect! One good aspect of the run was brunch in Deep Cove. I had waffles with tonnes of whipped cream and fruit and a chocolate donut. I love food after a long run!

I am hoping to be able to run tomorrow as I am already feeling the effect of today's run in my feet, heels and Achilles. We will see!

Sunday: 16 miles

Happy Training!

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