Saturday, December 5, 2009

Speed Play

Today has been a challenge.

I rolled out of the wrong side of the bed this morning filled with cynicism and a good dose of generalized anger. Feeling sorry for myself I made myself a lovely breakfast, put on the laundry and went for my first of two workouts today. My run this morning was good. I did a Fartlek which is also known as speed play.

For me a Fartlek is about running fast and having a good time. To me play means no set times or specific paces. Today I ran a workout something like, run fast to Siwash rock, recover until I get close to the fat man, run hard to the trail head, then jog to Brockton Oval. Once at the oval I completed a full set of drills and strides. I felt very out of shape during my drills. I could barely get full range of motion and my quads were tired and a bit sore. By my 5th stride I was at least feeling somewhat close to normal although I have a lot of work to do before I am back in shape and ready to race.

Upon arriving home I had a quick lunch and headed into the the nightmare known as holiday shopping. I used to love Christmas. Now I see it as a merely mass commercialization. I think if people sat down and thought about Christ Mass they would stop celebrating this holiday. This is a day about the birth of Jesus Christ that some how got turned into Santa day and a reason to buy a bunch of useless junk that people will forget about in the 10 seconds it takes them to reach for the next gift. I finished my shopping this afternoon, which is a very good thing. I returned home, wrapped the gifts and now just have to pack them up and pop them in the mail.

I was much worse for wear after my shopping excursion though was comforted by the excitement of heading to the gym for a second run and a weight/core workout. I packed my giant backpack and headed to the gym. As I was getting closer to the gym I became more and more excited as I thought of the pace I would run, the number of crunches I would do and the abdominal exercises I would add to my routine. I was thinking of my very comfy running shorts, the hot powerful shower after the workout when I noticed the gym was closed. Flash back to the last time I was there when I quickly glanced at some sort of notice saying the club would be closed on 'such and such' a date for the annual Christmas party. I turned around and headed home. I am disappointed that I did not get my second workout in today.

If you are attentive you may have noticed that today I was planning on heading to Whistler to ski with Skiout. My plans A, B and C did not work out. I think I am the only person who can have 3 possible methods to get to an event and have all fall through. I am a bit superstitious and I believe everything happens for a reason. Although things happen in life that really suck it is all for a reason, to help us learn and to make us better in some way. I am really disappointed I did not get to ski today, the conditions were exactly how I like them (hard, fast and icy with great visibility). I am more disappointed as I missed my last real opportunity to hang out with gays before really committing myself to training. I am unsure when the next opportunity will present itself but one thing is for sure, I will not be able to Skiout until next season. All dates fall on Saturday or Thursday. Running is my first priority and the thing that makes me happy when I am all alone and sad. If I want to make significant gains this year I must concentrate on great workouts and mileage.

I want to make a quick point in regards to a comment that was written in regards to the online version of the Globe and Mail article on homophobia in sport that I was part of. Many heterosexuals of a more conservation nature will say something along the lines of "I don't care if you are gay just don't shove it down my throat by printing articles about it in the newspaper. Nobody says, 'hey, look at me, I am heterosexual!'" I would encourage everyone to look around the next time they are walking around a town or city. Take a look at magazine covers, billboards and window displays and tell me what you see. What you may notice is the overt heterosexualization of almost everything. On the bus shelter there is the image of a diamond ring with some sentimental syrupy line about how a diamond ring is the true symbol of heterosexual love (if you need to be given a diamond worth a few thousand dollars to know your fiancee loves you then you have some issues with your relationship). The covers of magazines are laden with captions telling women how to provide fellation to their boyfriend effectively or how to land the perfect man. I do not find this offensive. What I find offensive is that the pictures of half naked women on the covers of mens magazines with articles on how to sleep with your girlfriend's best friend is acceptable to conservatives but an article on homophobia in sport is seen as 'shoving a gay agenda down someone's throat'. I do not think any of the 10 commandments mention anything about being gay but I am pretty sure that there is mention of coveting other peoples things. Hmm, it seems like keeping up with the 'Jones' is a bigger sin then being gay. It is time for the conservative haters to take a look at themselves. Let those without fault be the first to cast stones. I wrote a blog once saying that I was not proud to be gay, that it just happened to be part of who I am. It turns out that I am proud to be gay. I am here and queer and you outta get used to it.

I am fired up and I like this feeling. I have a long run in the morning and I am getting excited already!

Saturday: 6 Miles
Weekly Total: 42 miles
Happy Training!

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