Tuesday, December 8, 2009


There are only a few precious weeks left of 2009 and I am starting to finalize my New Year's resolutions.

The best resolution I have ever made was to start running. Ever since sticking to that resolution all the rest seem to pale in comparison. It is with heightened expectation that each year I decide on a new resolution.

I must be honest and report that running has been one of the few resolutions I have stuck to. The only resolutions I seem to be able to stick with are usually related to running. One year I decided to lose 10 pounds so I could run faster, and I did. It is the more 'fun' resolutions that have failed me. For instance, a few years ago I decided I was going to go out more. After 3 weeks of partying I got tired and did not go out again for at least 4 months. I have made a resolution every year since coming out that I was going to get a boyfriend, and you can see where that has gotten me.

This year I have two resolutions. First, be frugal. I seem to spend money like it is growing on trees. I want to spend less and be more frugal! Second, I want to work less. I am trying to facilitate this resolution and it may just work. It would be a dream to be able to work part time and train part time. Working part time is by no means an effort to be a professional runner. I am by no means under any delusion that I will be fast enough to earn money to run. Working part time is about living a life that makes me happy. I want to live each day like it may just be my last and slogging into work every day does not inspire me. When my body is ruined from training I will have plenty of years to work, for now I want to enjoy my life when I am at my peak. I am also tired of the constant exhaustion that accompanies my work days. I hope my New Years resolutions are a success.

Today I ran in Stanley Park at twilight. It was not as dark as last week which was nice. The sunset was brilliant with the rich reds, yellows and orange reflecting off of the majestic Pacific contrasting nicely with the dark mountains of the Island. Although I find the weather a bit chilly I must admit that I love running on evenings like tonight. There is something about a crisp clean Canadian winter evening that conjures images of sitting next to a pond and lacing up the skates for an old fashioned game of pond hockey. It would be on evenings like this when as a kid I would go to the pond below Grandma's house and skate for hours. On special occasions we would light a bonfire beside the pond and have hot chocolate to warm our frozen bodies. All this is in many ways a cliche of the Canadian experience, although for me it is true. I was very fortunate to have a quintessential Canadian rural childhood complete with moon lit cross country ski trips through glistening virgin snow, big snow storms and the only hockey I every played (and very rarely) on a frozen pond. Although I loved all winter sports my heart will always lie with alpine skiing.

All this thinking of winter sport is making me excited for the Olympics!

Tuesday: 8.5 miles

Happy Training!

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  1. Good luck with your resolutions. Your goals are reasonable so you should be able to attain them if you keep at it...