Friday, December 4, 2009

Look How They Shine

Tonight I had a glorious run in Stanley Park and on the Seawall.

I rushed home from work today and immediately changed into my running gear in an attempt to get to Stanley Park before dark. I was craving a run on the trails and was very determined to get there before sun down. In my determination to run in the park I threw caution to the wind and ran into the trails in the twilight. My run tonight was the perfect way to start the weekend.

At home in Nova Scotia I am perfectly comfortable running in the forest after dark on a moon lit night. I have strong reservations about running after dark in Stanley Park. Tonight I took my chances and I am pleased I did. The trails were deserted, the woods silent except for the scraping of my feet on the loose crushed gravel and my almost silent breathing. It was like I was in a different world. I ran a loop in the main section of the park then crossed the causeway and descended to run a lap of Beaver Lake. This was the highlight. The trail leading from the causeway to the lake was dark and dreary and a little bit scary. Upon arriving at Beaver lake the trail widened and to my right was the glow of the sky reflected on the perfectly still waters of the lake. There was a slight mist rising from the glowing water but not so much to hinder the reflection of the stars. I took a second to stop and admire the quiet beauty of my surroundings and take some time to appreciate the unbelievable city I live in.

I took my favorite trail down to the Seawall then jauntily ran my way home, all the while admiring the man made beauty of Downtown. In all I ran just over 6 miles with a few fast pace sections in the scary sections of the park. I ran especially fast through Lee's trail. Tonight's run was one of the reasons why I love this sport so much.

There are certain things that I miss when I am not training. One thing in particular is the first glass of chocolate milk after a long run. It tastes and feels very good to have a cold glass of chocolate milk after a good effort. Something I missed and am happy to have back.

Wednesday: 6 miles
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: 6 miles

Happy Training!

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